Latest 'The Dark Knight' News

Maggie Gyllenhaal Set for The Dark Knight

Playing D.A. Rachel Dawes in the comic sequel.

Aaron Eckhart Is Fighting The Dark Knight as Harvey Dent

In final negotiations to star in the Batman Begins sequel.

Katie Holmes Not Returning for The Dark Knight

The character of Harvey Dent will appear in the Batman Returns sequel.

The Dark Knight Release Date Set for July 18, 2008

The sequel to Batman Begins starring Christian Bale.

Heath Ledger Talks About Playing The Joker in The Dark Knight

In his upcoming role in the Batman Returns sequel, The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan on The Dark Knight

Will Batman's nemesis Two-Face appear in the film?

Heath Ledger On The Dark Knight

Provides some insight on playing The Joker.

Chris Nolan Clears Up Dark Knight Rumors

The writer/director gives the inside scoop into the Batman sequel.

Warner Bros. Announces Batman Sequel The Dark Knight!

Christopher Nolan confirmed to direct Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel!

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