Latest 'The Dark Knight' News

Eight New The Dark Knight Images Come Online

See the Joker being interrogated by Batman!

Another New The Dark Knight TV Spot Hits the Web

Watch and explore Batman's relationships with the Joker and Rachel Dawes.

The Dark Knight Knocks on Our Door!

We are paid a special visit by Gotham's Citizens for Batman.

B. Alan Orange

New Two-Face Clip from The Dark Knight!

A new clip reveals new never-before-seen footage.

Brian B.

Check Out the Alternate Trailer for The Dark Knight

See a different take on the latest Batman film.

Batman Begins Comes to Blu-Ray This July

Extras will include an exclusive Dark Knight Prologue.

B. Alan Orange

Making Clown Masks Featurette from The Dark Knight!

Comcast Launches The Dark Knight tie-in Website.

Cat Parker

The Dark Knight Has Milk - Do You?

Batman becomes a part of the 'Got Milk' campaign.

New International Banners for The Dark Knight

More images from the latest Batman film spring onto the web.

The Dark Knight Marketing: Have We Seen the Last of the Joker?

Brian Gallagher takes a look at the past, present and future of this unique campaign.

Brian Gallagher

New The Dark Knight TV Spot!

Get your first look at the new commercial for the upcoming sequel.

B. Alan Orange

New Dark Knight Joker Poster!

Take a look at this new one-sheet featuring The Joker

Brian Gallagher

2 TV Spots for The Dark Knight!

Get your first look at the new commercials for the upcoming sequel.

Brian B.

Is This the Face of The Dark Knight's Two-Face?

Concept art shows the mutilated face of Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent.

Watch the 2nd Trailer for The Dark Knight!

Catch all of the excitement in this latest Batman footage.

B. Alan Orange

Aaron Eckhart Reveals Two-Face in The Dark Knight

A new article tells more about the upcoming character.

Brian B.

The Joker Vandalizes The Dark Knight Trailer!

The Batman villain has worked some of his old magic on the latest film footage.

B. Alan Orange

Watch The Dark Knight Trailer Now!!!

A twelve city search ends in new Batman footage.

B. Alan Orange

Check Out the New The Dark Knight Banner!

See Batman smash his way through a high-rise window!

EXCLUSIVE: Photos from the The Dark Knight Madness That Hit Hollywood!

Clowns storm the Hollywood & Highland complex to watch a two-minute trailer.

B. Alan Orange