The Dark Knight Review

“4.5 Stars For The Movie That Actually Lived Up To The Expectations.”

August 1st, 2008

The Dark Knight was the most anticipated movie seen in a long time. The hype was gigantic and this is one of the few movies that kept the hyve alive while it still was in theaters. This review is going to be a short one, because practically everything is already said about this movie.

The Story:

A four star for the story. The script was really strong, with great lines and conversations. But I missed some emotional depth in the story. The storyline felt at times like it was written by the Joker: focused on itself and chaotic. I can't stop noticing the strange plotholes and turns and twists. Like the fake death...and who came up with the idea of the sonar-mobile-vision and not to have a cool fight between Batman and the Joker adn directly implement the whole Two-Face story in half an hour...really it was a sort of anti-climax for me.


Heath Ledger is amazing indeed, although not really really great in the 'renewing' kind of sense. Put T-Bag from Prison Break (as example) some painting on his face and I think he could be just as great. The performance of Heath just are this high rated because of the tragic death and the right marketing campaign, promoting the Joker in the right way. I especially like the Hospital and the interrogation scene (ah, not to forget about the magic trick). The Joker's brilliance is a combination of acting and strong lines. Christian Bale was good, although his voice was terrible as Batman. The rest of the cast was great.


Nolan is definitly one of the best directors. The Dark Knight really is dark and the directing is great. I only missed the emotional part, it was cool, but it never made you fell sad (not even when one of the know who...died).


Awesome, nothing more to add.



Best summer blockbuster, maybe even the best movie from 2008.


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  • slysnide • 7 years ago

    I thought the same thing about the climax originally, but have since come to like it, since it properly ties off the Harvey Two-Face storyline.

    And the ending with Joker was also good, but I agree that it woulda been nice to have an actual fight between the two rather than Batman beating Joker with his fists in the interrogation room, and Joker beating Batman with the pipe at the construction site.

    And yeah, I didn't care about the death of the other primary character either, nor was I sad about anything. In fact, I liked Joker's scheme: do things that normally wouldn't drive people on edge, and watch them develop these trivial worries as monumental. Such as when the hospital game began, the right thing to do woulda been to assist in the evac of the building, not go on a killing spree. And after 5 dead or so, the people are terrified of Joker, despite his specific targets. The conversation between Joker & Harvey properly summed this up, and I kinda wanted to see Joker win even more, despite making Batman public enemy #1.

    And you mentioned "the fake death." Are you referring to Joker playing dead to get to Gambol? I can't remember much about it.


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