The Dark Knight Review

“It Is Too Awesome To Explain.”

December 22nd, 2008

Okay this is my first review and I thought I should start with my favorite movie ever. As you all know the dark knight is a sequel to the not as bad ass but still awesome film, batman begins, both directed by the same genius, Christopher Nolan. The film follows batman, as he tries to track down the menacing joker. With help from lieutenant (later commissioner,) Gordon, and the newly elected district attorney, Harvey Dent. The film is really well made, I mean, it's so perfect, I gave it 5 stars for everything. It shouldn't be nominated for best film though, it should be nominated for best piece of art every made!!! Everyone was perfectly cast, except for Rachel Dawes, the actress who plays her looks like miss piggy!!! The most amazing performance ever in a film was by, you guessed it, heath Ledger as the insane joker. the film is perfect as I said before. If they make a third film (which I hope they do,) I'll like it, but definitely not as much as this one. :)

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