The Departed


Based on the Chinese-linguage Hong Kong gangster film of the same name ("Wu jian dao"), "Infernal Affairs" will be reset in Boston amid Irish-American mobsters and the cops who are their nemeses. The film was written by William Monahan. Damon would play a gangster who has infiltrated the Boston police department as part of its cadet class and has been steadily rising through the ranks. DiCaprio will play a cop who's been deep undercover inside the mob and is starting to come unglued. Each side works feverishly to flush the mole out, with deadly consequences.

‘The Departed’ Sells Over 100,000 High Definition Discs

Movie PictureToday Warner Home Video (WHV) announced that it is the first studio to surpass sales of 100,000 copies of a high definition title with Martin Scorsese's 2006 Academy Award Best Picture winner, The Departed.

With the number one and two highest selling titles on high definition formats - The Departed and Superman Returns - as well as three other titles in the top ten, (Batman Begins, Happy Feet and GoodFellas) Warner Home Video continues to be the market share leader in high definition disc sales.

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Blu-ray Takes the Lead Over HD-DVD in February

Movie PictureFebruary was a Blu-ray month!

Sony feels that the gap between Blu-ray and HD-DVD will continue grow and that releases like Casino Royale will help move that along.

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Once Again ‘The Departed’ Ships Up to First Place on the Sales Charts

Movie PictureThe Departed just keeps coming back for more.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, they report that the Best Picture winner regained it's spot at the top of Nielsen VideoScan's First Alert sales chart. Coming in second was last weeks chart topper Flushed Away, and placing third was Stranger Than Fiction.

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‘The Departed’ Likely to See Oscar Bounce on DVD

Movie PictureIt wasn't too long ago that an Oscar winning movie got it's bounce in the theater. Now, it's more likely to see that rise in money on DVD.

In a story from Variety, the expectation is that sales of The Departed will now increase on DVD due to it's Best Picture win last Sunday night.

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A Look at the 79th Annual Academy Awards

It was a great night but it sure didn't start off that way.

The Departed - Thank the good lord the Academy got this right. One never knows what they are going to pick or why, but I based my pick on being a member of the Screen Actor's Guild. Basically, last year I only got one screener for the SAG Awards and that was Crash. As I watched the ceremony I realized that if all the actors in SAG had gotten this screener, then all the members of the Academy must have gotten it as well. This year I got The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine. I had a sneaking suspicion all night that the comedy or even Babel might upend Martin Scorsese's brilliant film about the Irish Mafia, but in the end the Academy showed that politics and good laughs are not enough to beat one the most viscerally violent and engaging films of recent memory.

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‘The Departed’ Ships Up to the Top of the DVD Charts!

Movie PictureThe Departed was tops on the charts last week.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, they report that the star studded Martin Scorsese film was No. 1 on both Nielsen VideoScan's First Alert DVD sales chart and Home Media Magazine's DVD rental chart.

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Mark Wahlberg on ‘The Departed II & III’

Empire Online caught up with Mark Wahlberg who played Sergeant Dignam in the Warner Bros. crime-drama, The Departed.

According to Wahlberg, screenwriter William Monahan is currently hard at work penning the second installment of the Boston crime saga, and shooting could begin sometime at "the beginning of next year or end of this year" - although any script would need Scorsese's approval and the director's involvement in any future chapters is currently unclear.

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A Sequel Coming To Martin Scorsese's ‘The Departed’?

Warner Bros. Pictures is in talks with screenwriter, William Monahan for a sequel to the crime thriller, The Departed.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, the film has garnered five Oscar nominations and is the biggest boxoffice hit of Scorsese's long career. The Hollywood Reporter says Monahan has already started working on a take that would bring back the temperamental foul-mouthed cop played by Mark Wahlberg, who received an Oscar nomination for the role, and introduce a new character to be played by none other than Robert De Niro.

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