The Devil Wears Prada Review

“A Movie About A Horrible Boss That We Can All Relate To. (bonus: Anne Hathaway)”

October 27th, 2010

It's easy to dismiss this as a silly girl movie but there are plenty of parts that keep it from just being a girl's fashion fantasy. There are some pure business world plot points that can be easily overlooked until the characters point out that the boss's behavior is judged differently only because she's a woman. Usually those kind of feminist comments can ruin a movie but it's mentioned only once so it resonates.

The boss is played by Meryl Streep who is just an amazing actress. Amazing! I can't believe all the different roles she has had & how easy it is to forget that it is the same woman. She should win an Oscar every year. She plays the annoying boss without making her seem like an unrealistic person & without being over the top.

The movie is filmed on location in New York City & Paris, which is great because it really helped convey the sense of stress that you feel working in big business & dealing with life in New York. It may seem like fashion magazines are trivial things but they really are big business & because they are also a deadline oriented industry they are definitely stress-filled. I think the movie did a good job of getting that message across.

I have to admit that as a straight male, I had the same reaction that Andrea has at the beginning of the movie when it comes to fashion which is: "who cares." When they show all these clothes I have no idea who designed it or if it's exclusive or expensive. I just know that I love seeing Anne Hathaway in a bunch of different outfits. She doesn't look bad, ever. Even at the beginning when's she's supposed to be frumpy. She's like a doll, really, I can watch Anne Hathaway watching paint dry. She does a great job as the slightly awkward woman who gains her confidence & becomes a woman. It's her usual role & I never get tired of watching her. She's also good at comedy & there's enough in here to keep the movie from being too depressing. I can recommend it to everyone.


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