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The heroic story of a dictator who risked his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed. It is inspired by the best selling novel "Zabibah and The King" by Saddam Hussein.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jason Mantzoukas Talks The Dictator
The actor also reveals his chances of being added as a series regular when The League Season 4 kicks off this fall.
Anchorman 2 Teaser Trailer to Debut with The Dictator
Ron Burgundy Tweets the exciting news that the first footage from this comedy sequel will be in theaters Tuesday at Midnight.
The Dictator 4-Minute 'Death to the West' Clip
The beloved oppressor of Wadiya introduces a scene from this upcoming comedy, which finds two American tourists terrorized by Aladeen and his cohort.
The Dictator Red Band Trailer
Sacha Baron Cohen stars as a dictator for the Republic of Wadiya in this upcoming Paramount Pictures comedy.
Watch The Dictator Opening Scene with Sacha Baron Cohen!
Wadiya's General Aladeen takes dictatorship of his country by changing the language and presiding over the Olympics in this look at Larry Charles' summer comedy.
The Dictator Takes Over Central Park Poster
Sacha Baron Cohen's character General Aladeen is draped over the New York City landmark in this one-sheet for the upcoming comedy.
The Dictator Monkey on Roller Skates Clip
Sacha Baron Cohen shares his anti-feminist views with Anna Faris' organic grocery clerk in this Larry Charles summer comedy.
The Dictator Moves to May 16th
The Sacha Baron Cohen comedy tries to avoid being trampled by Tim Burton's Dark Shadows.
The Dictator International Poster
Sacha Baron Cohen's General Waladeen has the red, white, and blue in his sights with this latest 1-sheet.
Second Trailer for The Dictator
Paramount Pictures unleashes another full-lengh for Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming comedy.
The Dictator French Trailer Puts New Spin on Plot
Sacha Baron Cohen stars as General Waladeen, a deposed dictator who makes a trip to America in this comedy hitting theaters May 11.
The Dictator Spills Kim Jong-Il's Ashes on Ryan Seacrest Video
Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in full costume at the 84th Annual Academy Awards to promote his new movie, due in theaters May 11.
The Dictator General Aladeen Ban Has Been Lifted from the Oscars
General Aladeen to walk the red carpet while Sacha Baron Cohen will attend the actually awards ceremony as himself in honor of Hugo.
The Dictator General Aladeen Responds to 84th Annual Academy Awards Ban
Sacha Baron Cohen appears in character to applaud the Oscars' decision to take away his Freedom of Speech, and promote his May 11th comedy.
Super Bowl XLVI TV Commercials!
Get your first glimpse at footage from The Avengers, Act of Valor, Battleship, John Carter and more.
The Dictator Launches Republic of Wadiya Website
You can find out all of the latest news happening in this fictional country from Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming comedy.
The Dictator Super Bowl XLVI TV Spot
Sacha Baron Cohen will debut all-new footage from his upcoming political comedy during this Sunday's big game.
The Dictator Sends Message Regarding Death of Kim Jong-Il
Sacha Baron Cohen stars in this new comedy as deposed dictator General Aladeen of the People's Republic of Wadiya.
The Dictator Trailer
Sacha Baron Cohen takes on dual roles opposite Anna Faris in this comedy about a Dictator who risks his life to abolish democracy.
J.B. Smoove Joins The Dictator
The Curb Your Enthusiasm comedian joins Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy.
Sacha Baron Cohen Busts a Move in The Dictator
The actor will play multiple roles in this latest comedy from long-time collaborator Larry Charles.
The Dictator Scooter Ride Photos with Anna Faris
Sacha Baron Cohen secures himself as the pair ride their Vespa through Manhattan in Larry Charles' latest comedy.
The Dictator Adds Megan Fox and John C. Reilly
Both actors have landed secretive cameo roles for this upcoming Sacha Baron Cohen comedy about an ousted dictator's trip to the United States.
The Dictator NYC Camel Ride Photos with Sacha Baron Cohen
The comedic actor causes quite the scene in New York City riding a camel down Fifth Avenue with a bizarre entourage.
The Dictator Track & Field Photos with Sacha Baron Cohen
The actor is also seen trying to steal a dinner in this Larry Charles directed comedy, now shooting in New York.
The Dictator Full Costume Photo Featuring Sacha Baron Cohen
The Borat and Bruno star gets totalitarian for his next comedy project about a deposed dictator's visit to the United States.
The Dictator First-Look Photo Featuring Sasha Baron Cohen
The comic-in-disguise will emulate Saddam Hussein in this upcoming comedy from long-time collaborator Larry Charles.
The Dictator Lands Anna Faris
The actress beat out Kristen Wiig and Gillian Jacobs for the female lead in Sacha Baron Cohen's comedy about a former dictator's trip to America.
The Dictator Lands Ben Kingsley
The actor will star alongside Jason Mantzoukas as two Middle Eastern men at the center of the action in Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy.
The Dictator Eyes Kristen Wiig, Anna Faris, and Gillian Jacobs
Sacha Baron Cohen's upcoming comedy is seeking a female lead with strong improvisational skills.
Larry Charles Directing The Dictator
The Borat and Bruno director reunites with Sacha Baron Cohen for this story about a dictator who risks his life to prevent democracy.
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