The Expendables 2 Review

“A Better Realized Sequel With Mindless Fun”

October 8th, 2012

Directed by Simon West

Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham

The big thing I would consider in this film, is that despite it was so abrupt and logic less, it had some parts where there was life to the characters. This is a big improvement in the series. Well, there might be good browny points from Simon West's direction. He handles the characters with right proportions. Thus Expendables 2 is far more mature and caring than the first part. There might be few instances where audience would be thinking , Oh my God, from where did that come? Well, this is a perfect example for summer escapism. From cameos, now there are few cameos again, but the big thing is set. Stallone, Willis and Schwazennger are together with guns. This scene is epic satisfaction to the fans and Simon West must be thanked for that.

The theme sets with destruction of the world, with plutonium mines, by Vilain (Jean Claude Van Damme). The expendables re united must stop him. Not only that, Barney (Stallone) has a personal score to settle up with Vilain.

The writing had improvement. Not the best, but more depth to the characters. In the first film, there was an air base scene, where everyone describes their past except Garner and Barney Ross. This film gives the past of Garner. But there is also a heart to the character of Barney Ross. Still his past is yet to be known, but I could see that character has grown. Pain, pleasure and ambition I could see in Barney's character. Sylvester Stallone had improved in acting. There are two new characters , of course one is a cameo played by Hemsworth. Another played by Maggie Yu Nan. These characters are important to the film. For the first time, I could see characters are getting importance in an action movie. Nice writing.

Direction by Simon West, is good. I would blame him for dragging the film a bit too far, with conversations, comedy and waiting for the plot. But it all sets up the gigantic explosive climax with action stars smacking and shooting bad guys. Arnold , Willis and Stallone are playing their domination. It's their world , and also comes Norris in between to add up to the tasty treat for the fans. Hence it is not a total loss, but I could see abrupt editing and way too simple plot, with no twist. An action film, need not be having a deep plot, but it atleast must have attractive fight scenes and explosive set ups.

It is a tribute to the yester year action stars that this part is way mature than the first. The action has gone too cheesy. Performances were good enough. Willis and Arnold make a long come back. A sigh of relief indeed. The duo fist fight in climax is more realistic and rapid too. Music is somewhat attractive. So, the expendables 2 is big action film with explosive premise and satisfying performances with a good ambitious plot to the genre. We have all the three, I am back, Yippie Kaye and Rambo, to the best means. It's no harm. It is a perfect summer escapism film that pays for entertainment. I would finally say that Expendables 2 is not expendable. B-

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