The Fifth Element Review

“An Exceptional Movie, A Great Aspect Of The Future, And One Of The Best Futuristic Movies I Have Ever Seen, Others That Fit This Category Are; Aeon Flux, Equilibrium, V For Vendetta, Escape From New York, And Escape From L.A. (Old Review))”

March 15th, 2010

Opening Thoughts:

This was my favorite movie at one time (it went to Equilibrium, then Batman Begins, to currently The Dark Knight ), and is still one of the best futuristic movies, and visual pleasing movies I have ever seen, its so good one could called this movie truly a piece of art. This is another one of those movie that would say is damn near flawless, if it wasn't for the visuals. A great movie for the ages, that can relate to every demographic, a fantastically made movie, and if you haven't seen this movie on Blu-Ray (I watched it regular, but have seen the Blue Ray version) then go out and buy it on Blu-Ray, it will mesmerize you, a 5 out of 5 (9.9/10).

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "And to finish the job, all Zorg oldies-but-goldies. Rocket launcher with exploding or poisonous gas heads... Very practical. Our famous net launcher... The always efficient flame-thrower... [Grins] My favorite. And for the Grand Finale, the all new Ice Cube System!" - Zorg~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "A case with four stones in it! Not one or two or three but four! Four stones! What the hell am I suppose to do with an empty case?" -Zorg~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "What's wrong with you? What you screamin' for? Every five minutes there's somethin', a bomb or somethin'. I'm leavin'. Bzzzzzzzzz!" -Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "No no no no no no. 'Cuz if it was bomb, the alarms would go off 'cuz all these hotels have bomb detectors, right?" - Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "What was that honey? It was BAD! It had no fire, no energy, no nothing! So tomorrow from 5 to 7 will you PLEASE act like you have more than a two word vocabulary. It must be green." -Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "We'll find out everything there is to know about the D man; his dreams, his desires, his most intimate of intimates and from what I'm looking at "intimate" is this stud muffins middle name. So tell me my man, are you nervous in the service in the service?" -Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "And here we have Roy Von Baker, king of laser ball. And here the Emperor of Kodar Japhet and his lovely daughter. "I love to sing," she recently confessed to me. By the way, I have a recording of the talented voice. [Sexual Moans]" -Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Quote): "Yesterday's frog will be tomorrow's Prince... of Flhoston Paradise! The hotel of a thousand and one follies and lollies... A magic fountain flowing with nonstop wine, women and... hootchie-kootchooie-koo... all night long, [Sings] "all night long, all night... ooouuuuuhhhhh!" -Ruby Rhod~


This story beginning with our protagonist, Korben Dallas, an ex-marine, divorcee, now turned cab driver, who's luck is just about run out, in the futuristic city of South Brooklyn, New York, circa 2263, who's stickler mother is constantly calling him and hassling him about random things, and his only companion is his white cat. One random day, Korben starts his normal day, wakes up, leaves his house, and a begins his work day, whilst this is happening a robotic alien race, the Mondoshawan, travels towards Earth once more, after their visit in 1914, to take four certain elemental stones; earth, fire, water, and wind, from Earth, to a safer location, due to the Mondoshawan not every really trusting human. These four stones surrounded around an additional fifth elemental, are needed, to be placed in an undisclosed Egyptian tomb, on earth, every 300 years, to save the universe, from the immanence of evil. The Mondoshawan are attacked by a mercenary alien race, to steal the four stones for a big wig, entrepreneur, Zorg, who is working for the Mr. Shadow ( the immanence of evil) to gain the stones. From that attack, on Mondoshawan, only one entity was able to make it down to Earth, from the attack, a hand from one of the alien, with living tissue still alive inside the metallic covering gauntlet, which is taken to a reanimating/healing, medical felicity. The medical felicity has the ability to recreate living tissue, a human skeletal system, life, and can heal a wounded person, and recreates the living tissue in the surviving hand, and thus we meet Leeloo, the superior being, the fifth element. Through fear, of her new surrounding, being reborn form death and the unknown, Leeloo breaks free of the life/ health regenerator chamber, Leeloo flea's in terror through the wall of the felicity and manages to get to the outside of the building, where she met with a menacingly gorgeous visual of a futuristic Brooklyn, that alien to her, flying cars, vertical trains, gigantic buildings, and a flying police cruiser, trying to apprehend her. Out of desperation she jumps off of the ledge into to below traffic, falling to her death, but suddenly she crashes into a cab, Korben's cab, and thus Korben and Leeloo's allure/ love for each other, and their adventure begins, to save the universe, Earth, and the salvation of all living beings. As the story progress Korben's ideal of the perfect women has come true and he begins to fall in love with Leeloo, which is the one thing that can save the world. A really great storyline/plot.

~Special Edition (Favorite Scene): The whole Fholston Paradise ship scene's (before the go back to earth) is one of my favorites, which is really a multitude of scenes.~

~Special Edition (Favorite Scene): The Airport scene with all the Korben Dallas'.~

~Special Edition (Favorite Scene): The end scene, where they have to match all the elements, and then stopping the immanence of evil.~


A Futuristic Thriller, Screwball Comedy, Alien, Space Sci-Fi, Action movie.

~Special Edition (Dose it Fit its Genre): Yes and no, it dose have all the conventional aspects of its genre, but its taken from a comical approached for a futuristic, sci-fi, and action movie, which are usually on the serious side, not comical. In addition the hero is actually a heroin, Leeloo; Korben can't save the world he can only help; only Leeloo can save the world. The movie is mainly classical in the beginning of the movie but turns revisionist, and even parodic towards the end.~


Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas was good, even though it was his usually character type, I didn't mind it, because with this character, he was somewhat badass knows how to do everything, but at times he wasn't, we get to almost every aspect and of Korben Dallas, the romantic side, the human side, strong side, the caring side, the badass side, the comical side and the leader side. You don't see Bruce Willis, you see Korben Dallas, is an ex-army sergeant, who's down on his luck, who's looking for the right girl, and it just happens, he meets her, and goes to extended lengths for the love of her, but its takes him, helping save the world to show it, in addition he looks like Bruce Wills.

Milia Jovovich as "Leeloo" (Leeloo Minai Lekarariba-Laminai-Tchai Ekbat De Sebat), really put her on the map, at least to me, I remember first seeing the movie, and said who is this girl, and thus starting the allure of Milia Jovovich, for me, like the rest she fitted this part seamlessly, you could see Leeloo, the superior being , experience the emotion a human would, from adolescent to adulthood, and eventually to death, the adolescent can be seen, with the beginning scenes, and especially the scene when her Vito go to Korben's apartment, if you watch her in the back she's very childlike, adulthood emotions are seen with her starting to have emotions, feelings, in which we see through out the middle of the movie and end scene, where Korben is holding her, and then we can see the sorrow, from death, when she's dieing and studies the "W" section, from the Earth's history database. We see another emotion, once displayed by humans during prehistoric days, where we were more like animalia like, or naturalistic state, seen in the beginning scenes, where she posses an animal like state, running out of fear, scared of her surrounding, and attacking out of defense, another exceptional job.

Gary Oldman as Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, quite frankly until I see a movie where I see Gary Oldman and not the character, that's when I'll go into depth about the character, I will touch on one note, even with Zorg we see subtly different emotions, we see fear, happy, anger, and we see panic, again another exceptional job.

(Sir) Ian Holm as Father Vito Cornelius, another great actor, another excellent role, this is not my favorite character, but he is needed for the story. He very good at playing multiple roles, contrary to his sadistic portrayal in aliens, and his other roles, but all are good, a great performance.

Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod, was a different role for him, but one of my favorites, he a player, a diva, a VJ, a ladies man of all beings, but dresses in a feminine manner, and probably the reason why this character is unique and not seen as Chris Tucker, it's not his usually manly self, but doses stay true to himself, with the singing and dancing, which is probably why he is one of my favorite characters, another great job, and choice for this role.

~Special Edition (Favorite Character): Ruby Rhod~

~Special Edition (Favorite Character): Korben Dallas~


From Thierry Arbogast, like most "clean" (Aeon Flux, Equilibrium) and at times, some "dirty" (Blade Runner, Total Recall) futuristic movies, this movie, is one of the best visually pleasing movies, to me, and going back to what I stated early in my "Opening Thoughts" section, when I say this movie can truly be called art, its so vivid in color, process, well placed cameras, transition in between scenes, and great variations of light and dark light, it's even better because; there's no noticeably flawed moments. In addition, if you take every scene, shot, frame, chose your word that fits, and pause the movie you get a "ASF/S"(I'm going to coin a term right now "Art Still Frame/ Scene" - a frame, shot, or scene, so visually pleasing, if taken at face value and by its self, looks like it is a piece of art, artwork, illustrations, portrait, picture, frozen in time) (copywritten). This movie is mainly a clean futuristic movie (a movie that has a clean area surrounding the action, no trash, no dirty people, no dirty scenes in the movie, no harsh darks, and no grunginess, a clean atmosphere, healthy vegetation), but dose have an essence of a dirty futuristic movie (a movie that has a dirty surrounding, dirty walls, dirty buildings, dusty, grunginess, unkept attire, piles of trash, dirty people, westeren-esque style, harsh darks, bad atmospheric conditions, bad or no vegetation present ), but this is only seen on Earth, in the movie, with the trash in the airport, which is actually clean an sanctioned in the background, another instance is the deep vampire fog at the base on all the buildings, and Korben's apartment look. The only problem noticeable is that some of the CGI isn't as good as the other CGI in the movie, so it loses points there, but other then that another exemplary process of cinematography in a movie.

~Special Edition (Favorite Visual): When the curtains opening, before Diva Plavalaguna begins to sing, then, we see the beauty that everybody, especially Korben, can see, an open window the planet Fhloston.~

~Special Edition (Favorite Visual): After being reanimated, and escaping, Leeloo, jumps off the ledge, plunging down into the below traffic, in slow motion, carelessly, then crash into Korben's cab. ~

~Special Edition (Favorite Visual): When plane takes off from the airport, on earth head to Fhloston, showing the advancements made in the future, to the airport and city.~

~Special Edition (Favorite Visual): After Korben has had his Thai lunch, and the vender is undocking Korbens window perch, in his boat, you get a sight of the fantastic, futuristic Brooklyn, New York, and all its futuristic changes.~


Luc Besson did an excellent job, both as the writer and director, his vision of the future is great, so much so I wouldn't mind growing up in it, nothing major has happened, that's negative, like most future movies. He has manage to make a movie that's so memorable, although I not a big fan of his, he has made a movie that dose deserve its cult following, he also did an exemplary job in choosing the roles of each character, every person fits their role to a tee, his direction style is almost flawless, but he didn't have the CGI we have today, so at the time it came out, his direction was flawless, at face value, but now it's slightly flawed. The movie is so good, you get the pull-in-ratio (copywritten), you forget your watching a movie, and become engulfed into the story, you want Korben to find his dream girl, save the world, you want Leeloo to survive, save the world, and not get caught, you want Zorg to fail, you want the "immanence of evil" to be stopped, at the same time you're entertained, you're wowed at the visuals, like the characters in the movie, you hold your breath, at the end, event though you're not in the movie, as to not blow out the last match, Korben has, for the fire stone, to sum it up, you experience all the emotions the characters do, as there adventure progresses. Great direction.

~Special Edition (Favorite movie of the Director): The Fifth Element~

~Special Edition (Favorite movie of the Director): The Professional/Leon~


I didn't mind that this movie was PG-13; it really didn't need anything extra that an R would have brought. If you watch Zorg's head is always surrounded by a circle, I think this represents the immanence of evil, the ball planet, Mr. Shadow, control and making him do what he dose. It took me all this time to figure out the Agnog wasn't the one on the phone, the voices sounded so similar, because what I always wondered was why would the blood, what I'm guessing would be blood, ran down his head only on the phone but not when they met in person, until watching it this time, that it was two different things on the phone. I also like the fact that the our own moon getting created, was another "immance of evil" being stopped, showing this has happened before, in additons I like the fact that from these occurances, we get two moons.


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