The Five-Year Engagement Review

“This Is A Stolid Piece Far From The Good Film That It Could Have Been.”

May 9th, 2012

This isn't exactly a wedding you'll still care about once it finally reaches its desperate for attention conclusion. The Five-Year Engagement is exactly the film I didn't want it to be. It's long, boring, and never really goes anywhere for the sake of entertainment or humor. This is a stolid piece far from the quality picture that it could have been. With the people who were behind this project, I'm greatly disappointed in how it turned out.

The Five-Year Engagement had a lot going for it; a great cast and a solid comedy-crew behind the scenes. What happened, though? Judd Apatow produced the movie and the film had great writers behind it. This film felt like a fast paycheck for the cast and crew and that never feels good on the audience, especially if they were excited for the movie. This is something I've anticipated since the first trailer. I'm a huge fan of raunchy romantic-comedies and the fact that Jason Segel was in it brought hope behind that anticipation. The guy even helped write the film and as a fan I know Segel is capable of writing good dialogue. But here, everything was just flat.

You may not remember Wanderlust (it sort of fell of the face of the Earth when it released) but that film actually went decently with critics. The film to me was surprisingly funny and I had seen the trailer for The Five-Year Engagement then. Ever since Wanderlust, my anticipation for The Five-Year Engagement has built more and more. Lucky enough, 2012 has Wanderlust and American Reunion to look back on (as of right now) in the comedy genre. As much as I wanted this film in particular to do well, it unfortunately has already exited my brain. Just about all the material here is forgettable. Not even a couple decent-enough scenes to make the film decent and it's quite the shame considering the people who worked on it.

Where the film lacks extremely is in finding a comfort-zone. The film sways back and forth between all different kinds of scenes. It goes from raunchy scene to romantic scene to dramatic scene to unbelievably painful scene. It never catches a rhythm. A lot of the scenes in the film are awkward too, especially the opening scene which lasts a good ten minutes long. Some of the dialogue in the film isn't half-bad but because the atmospheres of the scenes are always so awkward I just couldn't enjoy anything from the movie.

Were the scenes awkward because of the chemistry between the two leads though? Emily Blunt and Jason Segel looked to have chemistry from the trailer but in the film they are a boring, uneven mess. Blunt is out of place in just about every film she's in. Jason Segel, while I know he's capable of leading a film, does nothing to make me care at all about his whiny and unfunny character. The acting here isn't bad, but the chemistry just doesn't mix well.

By the time the film gets to its super-long final act, I just didn't care what happened with the characters. The film had gotten to the point of being so depressing and dark that I wouldn't have been surprised if the leads jumped off a bridge. This is a comedy. It's supposed to be funny and filled with energy. The Five-Year Engagement has little-to-no energy at all and that's the biggest downfall of all. I am very disappointed in Jason Segel and even Judd Apatow for putting a finger on producing this one. Skip it!

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-Written by Corey Wood


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  • bryanyentz • 4 years ago

    I'd give this one, probably about a 2.5 or maybe 3 if I'm feeling generous. I mean, since I know you dig onthese flicks, I just expected your review to be... Kinder, I guess. My qualms are actually the same as I found it to be surprisingly long and just as I thought the film was wrapping up one conflicted plot point, it then turned the story around and brought up another problem... Thus, they get together, fall apart, together, apart, together, apart... And yeah, I found it went from being decently humorous to pretty sad at points... Mainly because I don't enjoy watching flicks wherein the woman is cheating on the guy... But yeah, I didn't think it was bad, but I wouldn't bother with it again.


    • corey • 4 years ago

      @bryanyentz I'm honestly surpised too, dude. I was thinking this would be hilarious and even still, these are normally the films I go for on a boring Saturday night. As for The Lucky One, I feel like I may have enjoyed that one too much, but even still, I liked it more than this. How would you rate this one?


      • bryanyentz • 4 years ago

        I agree though. it is VERY long for the style of film that is and bounces around tonally; but I still believe it to be infinitely better than Sparks' latest cash-in, The Lucky One.


        • bryanyentz • 4 years ago

          I'm honestly surprised that you didn't like this film...


          • kguy • 4 years ago

            After you were thinking it was gonna be good.


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