The French Connection


Alain Chanier is a dapper businessman from Marseilles, France, who is in reality a drug lord working on a big score - to sell $32 million worth of 89% pure heroin to New York City. But his potential buyer - small-time hood Salvatore Boca - is being tailed by two undercover NYC cops, James "Popeye" Doyle and Buddy "Cloudy" Russo.

Actor Roy Scheider Dies at 75

Oscar nominated actor Roy Scheider died Sunday at the age of 75. According to Variety, Scheider was best known for his roles in such classic films as The French Connection, All That Jazz and Jaws.

Scheider was born in Orange, New Jersey and competed in boxing and baseball before pursuing theater in college. He appeared in a number of small productions before he got his first big role, co-starring with Jane Fonda in the classic Klute. No information has been released on his cause of death, but he had been diagnosed with myeloma and subsequently underwent a bone marrow transplant.

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