The Godfather: Part II Review

"#5 The Godfather Part II, The Greatest Mob Saga Of All Time!"

It's Saturday night, and I'm running late on my Top Ten fave movies of all time countdown list; we're reaching the Final Five and to continue on the list with The Godfather Part II landing the number 5 spot. This has to be one of my favorite mob/gangster crime movie ever! It's fantastic in every way possible, and it's been a tradition of mine to watch this along with The Godfather every Thanksgiving on AMC. Without much hesitation, let's continue on with the review....

The Godfather Part II is presented in two story lines one takes place moments after Michael Corleone takes over for the family and deals with problems in the business during his first son's Communion. The other, explains how Vito Corleone came to be and shows the origin's of the Corleone family.

It would come to think that I would have to split the stories into separate review paragraphs in doing so, I will to make it easier for you to read. First I would review the continuing story that chronicle the events after The Godfather, and then I will review the origin's of the Corleone family and Vito's young years in how he grew up. After that, I'll conclude it and review as one. So think of it as three short reviews and break-downs.

The Godfather Part II- Story line A: Michael Corleone deals with the family.

Taking place directly where The Godfather left off, the first story line shows us what happens after the events following Vito Corleone's death and the swearing in of Michael taking control after his first son's communion.

The plot is great, it couldn't be anymore realistic in showing how a mob family deals with problems in life. It shows us all the stress that goes through with everyone; something, that I have never seen before in a mob film. The Godfather Part II has been included on many of critics top films, and is considered one of the greatest sequels of our time.

Everything from the cinematography to the setting of every scene is unbelievable. Al Pacino gives one of his best performances next to Scent of a Woman. Pacino does such a great way at showing his characters emotions so realistic you would actually think the movie was a documentary!

The Godfather Part II- Story line B: Family origins/Chronicles of Vito Corleone.

The film opens with a scene taking place in 1901 at a funeral that was soon ambushed and attacked. Later one it continues to show young Vito Corleone and his journey to immigration and arriving at New York City.

Following a series of flashbacks that weave in and out of the continuing story line A, it is obvious to the viewer that this is the chronicles of Vito Corleone and how his family shaped up to be one of the most powerful mob families in history. The main actor in story line B is the great Robert De Niro. Robert De Niro plays young Vito living in early 30's New York.

He won an Oscar in the Best Supporting category, and if you have ever seen this film, you'll know why. Robert De Niro has done an amazing job at everything he stars in. This guy is truly a great actor. And he deserved it 100 percent. Although the subplot story of how the Corleone Family formed it's business isn't as interesting as watching Vito grow older, it still is a really great story to watch it unfold in front of you eyes.

The Godfather Part II- Story line A and B.

Watching The Godfather Part II in it's whole nearly 4 hours is epic! It really captivates the viewer and never losses interest in the story plot. Al Pacino does excellent as showing his character emotions and how Michael Corleone deals with the business in the wake of his fathers death, and Robert De Niro is absolutely outstanding as playing the young Vito Corleone. You can never go wrong with watching this film. It is near possible to find any complaints about it.

The Godfather Part II also serves as a loop story telling in which you can watch it in two ways: One way is watching The Godfather first, and then continue on with Part II; doing that, you see Vito's prequel origins and Michael dealing with family problems. The second way in watching it is viewing The Godfather Part II first and then The Godfather. When you watch it that way, it's the complete opposite, it starts with young Vito and continues his story with the older Vito and act's like Michael's story in reverse order.

To wrap things up, watching The Godfather Part II is an offer you can't refuse. Make sure you stay tuned as I continue the top ten countdown and finish it with only four movies left to go! What will be next? and who will earn the top spot at being the Number One movie on my list? Find out soon as I conclude this countdown tomorrow!


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