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Mikey and Brandon Walsh are two brothers whose family is preparing to move due to a new development that is sure to be started unless enough money is raised, which is quite doubtful. But, when Mikey stumbles on a treasure map of the famed "One-Eyed" Willy's hidden fortune, he, his brother, and a few friends set out on a quest to find the riches in hopes to save their homes. The entrance to a cavern is found, but it is located underneath the house of the Fratelli family, a treacherous group of thieves who attempt to beat the "Goonies" to the treasure.

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The Goonies 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Coming to VinylThe Goonies 30th Anniversary Soundtrack Coming to Vinyl
Amazon will release vinyl soundtracks to 5 classic 80s movies this October, including one for The Goonies 30th Anniversary.
Goonies House Shut Down by Angry OwnerGoonies House Shut Down by Angry Owner
The woman who owns the house from The Goonies has one good reason why tourists are no longer allowed on her lawn.
The Goonies 30th Anniversary Plans RevealedThe Goonies 30th Anniversary Plans Revealed
Fans will be able to visit the actual sets and meet some of the stars at a four-day celebration for The Goonies 30th Anniversary this weekend.
The Goonies 25th Anniversary Cast and Crew Interviews
Richard Donner, Corey Feldman, Joey Pantoliano and others discuss the classic family adventure film and its new collector's edition Blu-ray and DVD.
The Goonies 2 Turns Into The Goonies: The Musical
Richard Donner talks about how a sequel to the 1985 family classic has slowly morphed into an upcoming Broadway musical.
The Goonies Return to DVD and Blu-ray on November 2nd
We have all the details on the 25th Anniversary Edition in both formats.
The Goonies Sequel Officially Dead
Director Richard Donner hints that the film may be turned into a Broadway musical instead.
Jonathan Ke Quan Approached for The Goonies Animated Series
But will the long rumored The Goonies 2 feature film ever become a reality?
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