The Grey Review

“Its Tense, Taunt, Gripping, With Minor Flaws That Encapsulate It A Bit, Smuggle It, Its Does Release Some Extra Panache To Allow It To Break Free And Run Amuck Before Its Gunned Down- And The Ending Was Gunned Down!”

January 30th, 2012

The Grey is a film by Joe Carnahan and to say the least he doesn't hesiste piling out one hell of a shit storm! Smoking Aces, pure adrenaline laced with satirical aluminium, and The A-Teams pure blasé arsed basis to blow shit up and have a rip roaring good time. The Grey is a seminal piece, about ones with nature and with what's to come, one with animal instincts, a precinct full of ideas accommodated by a gruff mauling Neeson, not hired for his action status mind you, because within the first ten minutes you have Neeson contemplating death- barrel in mouth, gun poised to position to have his brains arching skywards till they splay onto the snow covered patio, which doesn't happen, thank lord or it would be one short dull film- which was the original concept wherein this came from- not the dull part- but it being a short about mans depths into conformed emotion, live and let live or live and let die, about one with his brandishing- the first ten minutes does play out like a low budget- "production value" screaming Carnahan mule- but then it arises to steam budget- which is another thing I will have to come to- though it does have a look and some top Koch visuals- it feels tacked on and quite- "We need this so please make it" sloppiness.

It sees Liam Neeson play John, a man lost in his own trailed thoughts, parted from his endeavours, and a skilled marksman- firing rounds into the wiry sides of on-coming wolves- hunting their prey. After an airplane crash all must suit up and take up the mantel to survive on what they have- scattered pieces of metal, fuel from the fuselage on the wrecked plane. The film doesn't play out as I had anticipated- more or less I love films where it's predictable- as clichéd are survival films- I love settings- with the murmuring on the plane the banter- setting our core rooted leads, and others minor back drop. Neeson is here for the poster and to prove that after fiascos and misplaced castings and very awfully made films to be sold as a Neeson film like Unknown are flaws on his part- here a role he can get into- due to relations to loss and to succumbing that and ones openness and attributes and woes to the big G man up top. It goes into more austere motives. The Grey are fearless wolves, and yes there is great stunt work, but what it lacks and A Carnahan esque quality, this nitty grittier side, this full force piece, instead we get drippy gore, some great wolve effects, that will be laughed at due to likenesses to Twilights pack, but I appreciate Carnahan wanting to be looked at as a serious filmmaker- but this doesn't at all fell tacked on arty as some may find- it has its place among being bolshie and demanding in message and morale but it isn't slack.

The score is deeply groping you from the testicles and places and paces it. I may see problems it has, and yes I left under the influence I may want to change my rating, but me I'm a film snob, its honesty for you, I'm thinking of getting Tinker Tailor due to my unconscious thinking, Where you in the right mood then to watch it? Because I watch films on days where I think, I'm going to get you little wanker, or just watch it for what it is and review it as the film it might be. But i don't go in under the presumption of I'm going to review this as this certain type of feature and this film doesn't pass for review, no no, but its films I feel I have to review that need to be reviewed, my opinion needs to be heard and they can lap it up or not, but this film does fail under many a influence but not under the staple of - its because its this kind of movie. Joe Carnahan has made a movie he feels is personal, feels can connect with audiences, that can be a real gung ho joy ride- one of the most extreme sequences is yes in the first 20 minutes Neeson ushering a man to lay by and die, an extreme tour de force and it is a really a strong performance, it photography beautifully done, the shots never forced or over bearing, though you can feel Carnahan wants this to be his film that is beatific, as much as I can say I would have preferred to watch the undeniably entertaining A Team more over than this. Its got its ruminants of grandeur but also its real lacking momentous moments.

Its just a very well made movie, that doesn't feel tacky or over blown or this certain type of film the film stream may feel Carnahan wants, maybe he wants to find solace with a critic after his last escapade- which wasn't bad at all it was just box office delish! Many a critic likes it, many may not, some on here have granted it 1.5 stars and over me I find my review is centred on that it can pass plausibly. Its tense, taunt, gripping, with minor flaws that encapsulate it a bit, smuggle it, its does release some extra panache to allow it to break free and run amuck before its gunned down- and the ending was gunned down!


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