The Hole Reviews

  • Cool it may be, but scary (or even mildly shudder-inducing) it ain't.

    Derek Elley — Variety

  • No one understands that giddy rush of sugar buzz cinema better than director Joe Dante.

    Mark Olsen — Los Angeles Times

  • Not likely to give anyone outside of toddler range any nightmares, but it's still a smooth, smart, and eminently likable "rainy night" family film.

    Scott Weinberg

  • The Hole doesn't have the frantic wit of Dante's Gremlins 2 or the political import of his Small Soldiers, but it has something just as satisfying: a thorough understanding of the psychological underpinnings of the genre.

    Dave Kehr — Film Comment Magazine

  • On the surface, Dante's movies are juvenile horrors with some movie-savvy comedy thrown in, but underneath they're among the most subversive entertainments being made today. Hopefully future generations will discover this silly, smart gem.

    Jeffrey M. Anderson — Combustible Celluloid

  • Sadly, the picture is just too mild for its own good.

    Jeremy Wheeler — TV Guide's Movie Guide

  • Curb your expectations and know you're going into a film about how curious children overcome their fears, not how malevolent darkness torments a group of unsuspecting "victims."

    Matt Donato — We Got This Covered

  • A refreshing example of how to make a film for a specific demographic the right way. ... Smart, scary and fun as hell.

    William Bibbiani — CraveOnline

  • Entertaining, with a welcome sense of mischief, The Hole plays to Dante's strengths, returning him to a suburban battleground where young characters face off against an unstoppable, often knee-high malevolent force.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • Catch THE HOLE in 3-D if you can, but watch it with your kids during this approaching Halloween. You might remember a time when horror was fun and creepy and less violent and exploitative.

    Jonathan W. Hickman — Daily Film Fix

  • Now that it's finally here, it proves a sight better than its direct-to-video credentials suggest.

    Rob Vaux —

  • All the elements are here, they just don't add up to a satisfying whole.

    Nathan Rabin — AV Club

  • If you enjoyed recent scary-but-kid-safe thrillers like Don't Be Afraid of the Dark or Super 8 - albeit toned down for pre-teens - then The Hole is definitely worth a peek.

    Staci Layne Wilson —

  • A fun kids horror film that may be a minor work for Dante, but still very satisfying.

    Thomas Caldwell — Cinema Autopsy

  • Will be instantly recognizable to anyone who grew up watching movies in the 1980s!

    James O'Ehley — Sci-Fi Movie Page

  • This is scary, thrilling stuff, especially considering there's very little actual violence or gore.


  • The return of director Joe Dante would be more welcome if his children's horror-thriller weren't so tepid.

    Derek Malcolm — This is London

  • Director Dante knows a thing or two about making teen thrillers, and this film gets the atmosphere just right without indulging in cheap movie gimmicks.

    Rich Cline — Shadows on the Wall

  • Scarier than any of this year's 18-rated horror crop.

    Robbie Collin — News of the World

  • Scary fun for young teens.

    Allan Hunter — Daily Express

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