The House Bunny Review

"Being In The Centerfold Of Playboy Is Like Saying, "Look At Me! I'm Naked In The Middle Of A Magazine! Unfold Me!""

Alright, so everyone knows that I've pretty much been dieing to see this movie, and today I finally did. Though, it was a very close call, I must admit. I was supposed to have seen this yesterday, but due to circumstances that I could not help(Mainly: No money and no ride) I was not able to go, and such was almost the case today, but I was able to catch my Dad in time, and I got to my friends house, with ten bucks, and we went and saw it this afternoon. I'm saying this without an ounce of worry in my mind about what everyone else is going to say, but this was without a doubt the funniest movie I've seen this year. It takes the cake! I was laughing my ass off the entire time, and it was only helped by the fact that I love Anna Faris. I'm so glad I went to see this and not Death Race, even though I'm still looking forward to that film's DVD release. Normally, as you all know, I'm a man who hates today's comedy, but this one is just too good to pass up! It's hilarious, and everyone second has a joke that will make you piss yourself from laughing so hard. It truly is a hilarious film.

The director of this fabulously hilarious film is a man named Fred Wolf, whom you may know directed a movie called Strange Wilderness, which I've heard good things and bad things about. This one however, I will tell you without an ounce of negativity in my voice, is a laugh riot! The director of this film definitely knew what he was doing with directing a comedy movie because this movie just has you rolling, and it's also helped along by the fact that Anna Faris is a great comedic actress. The story of this movie is written by two people who definitely have one hell of a sense of humor, and they are Karen McCullah Lutz(10 Things I Hate About You) and Kirsten Smith(Legally Blonde). This is kind of a chick flick I will admit, but it doesn't matter because the director and the writers did an awesome job with this movie, making one that we can all enjoy laughing at over and over, and one that I'd love to go back and see again and again.

The visuals in this movie are good. This is a movie that doesn't need good visuals, but I'll mention a couple for the sake of the fact that it's something that we should touch on with every movie. I liked all the outfits that Anna Faris was put in, as well as all the other outfits that the sorority sisters were wearing. They were colorful, and for the sorority girls after the makeup, and Anna throughout the movie, were really not that bad on your eyes to see. lol, jk, or am I? Anyhow, there is also the matter that they filmed this in the actual PlayBoy mansion(I watched the episode of The Girls Next Door about this movie. XD) and I think that's neat that they'd want to go all out with this movie, and make it the best that it could be. It's definitely a great movie to see, with lots of sexy outfits, and great fun-looking parties. Like the way they laid out the Aztec theme for one of the sorority parties was another aspect of the film that looked really cool. So what visuals I'm working with on review, they did great.

The storyline of this movie is one that I think is highly original, and these days, ESPECIALLY with the movies they call "Comedy," that's a rare find. The writers of the story definitely do a wonderful job, and give us a movie that we can all enjoy watching over and over. It's an interesting story, and one that was probably intended for women, but appeals to all audiences. Normally you wouldn't catch a guy like me going to see a movie like this, but for some reason, THIS particular movie caught my eye. I'm glad I went to see it, there are many aspects of it, like visuals and the directing that catch your eyes, and the story is one of them as well. A woman, who seems to have everything she could've wanted, especially living in an orphanage, has now been kicked out of her dream home, but soon, she finds solace in the Zeta Sorority house, where she helps the girls of Zeta become prettier and more likeable so that they can save Zeta and allow it to continue going on, on the college campus. This story is one that's great right from the beginning, where the introduction already has you laughing. The story of the movie is done very well, and makes for great laughs.

Anna Faris, one of the hottest women in the world, in my opinion, lol, stars in this movie as Shelley Darlingson, a playmate at the Playboy Mansion, where she came to eventually live one day. After being raised in an orphanage where she was less than pretty and loved by nearly no one, she came to be pretty and popular. Her dream is to be in the centerfold of the Playboy mansion, one of the highest honors for a Playmate. However, after her twenty seventh birthday, Shelley awakens to find that she is being kicked out of the Playboy Mansion, to live on her own because she's become too old. She leaves with a heavy heart, and tries to make it out in the real world, where she is arrested pretty much right away, but after being released, she follows a group of girls, and finds a campus ground with a grand house, that she finds out is a sorority house. She soon becomes the leader of a sorority named Zeta, whose members are what the other students think are losers, and she assigns herself the task of making them prettier and everything so that they can get more members and save their sorority house. During all of this Shelley meets a boy named Oliver, and falls in love with him, but what she finds out is that Oliver is not like all the other boys she's liked, and he doesn't fall for all her tricks, but rather looks for the smart women, and the great personalitied women. Now Shelley must also prove heself to Oliver AND the Sorority Sisters, a task that Shelley soon finds will not be as easy as she had predicted. Anna Faris, is unfortunately someone who is generally typecast, which is a shame because she's a great actress, does a wonderful job in this movie. She steps into her usual role of the dumb blonde, and she once again plays it really well. I loved how every little quirk of this character seemed to just pop out of Anna Faris, and made the character that much more believable, and that much more convincing. She was definitely a great casting choice for this movie.

Colin Hanks stars in this movie as Oliver. Oliver is the man that Shelley has fallen in love with. However, Oliver is a man that has style, and he generally wants to know his girlfriend before he begins to dater her, and so he begins to date Shelley Darlingson, who has volunteered at the nursing home he manages. Oliver is a real simple guy, and he's into smarts and stuff, and something about Shelley just catches his attention. He knows right away that he's in love, but he fights it because he knows just the type of woman that Shelley is, a woman who thinks that sexy tricks and moves, are what make guys drool over women, even if that aspect of them helps it a bit. He sees right through most of Shelley's tricks, but the thing that he wants to know, is why a girl like her seems to like a guy like him so much, and so he spends half the time trying to figure her out. He seems stunned at her self embarassing techniques to get him to like her, and doesn't really have anything to say. Colin Hanks, whom I'm not very familiar with as an actor, but I know was in the 2005 remake of King Kong, does an excellent job in this role. He makes all of Oliver's confusion and love for Shelley come out and present itself in a realistic form. He definitely is a great actor, and he plays this character extremely well, presenting us with an incredibly convincing and believable performance. He was definitely another great casting choice for this movie.

Emma Stone stars in this movie as Natalie. Natalie is like the lead sister in the Zeta sorority, and she just wants to fit in and make friends. The only thing that's wrong is that the board of Sororities and Fraternities is going to shut her down because Zeta is not following proper codes, and it's been overlooked for too long. She needs to find thirty pledges for Zeta, the most rejected and mocked sorority house on campus, for pledge day, or they're getting shut down. That's when Shelley Darlington shows up willing to become the House Mother for Zeta, and then finds out all the troubles that Zeta is having. She offers to help them meet boys and become popular so that they'll get more pledges and save the house, also this woman is on her down, and needs a place to live. At first Natalie is unwilling, but then Natalie sees the reason behind this, and soon finds herself and all her sorority sisters, all of whom are seen as misfits to society, being made over, and becoming popular. Natalie is probably the nicest of all the sorority sisters, and though she finds herself changing, she still tries to keep other's thoughts in mind, while at the same time balancing a huge crush on another boy who doesn't seem to think she exists. Emma Stone does an excellent job in this movie, and though I don't know her(Although, she won as Laurie Partridge, in The Search for the New Partridge Family), she was awesome. She plays this character, who is a smart know-it-all, who really has the best ideas in mind for everyone really well, and brings it all out into a realistic openness that makes the character more relateable, and more entertaining. She delivers a massively convincing and believable performance, and was definitely another great casting choice for this movie.

Beverly D'Angelo, an actress that I'm not incredibly familiar with, stars in this movie as Mrs. Hagstrom, the sorority mother for a ravial sorority house, whose name escapes me. Mrs. Hagstrom has only the fine ideals of life in mind, and it is her opinion that riffraff such as the Zeta house should not be allowed on campus, that is why she has continually complained about their inherent disregard for the rules that are set for all sorority houses, rules that in her mind should be followed by every sorority house. She now spends her time sending the pledges in her own house to make fun of and tear down the Zetas so that they'll never get their thirty pledges. Soon however, she finds that Shelley Darlingson, the new house mother for the Zetas is alot tougher an opponent than she imagined, and she seems to be unphased by everything that Mrs. Hagstrom throws her way. Mrs. Hagstrom now spends most of the movie trying to tear down Zeta, and make it so that they cannot have their house, and that her house can have their old living quarters for themselves. Beverly D'Angelo, an actress, whom, like I said, I'm not incredibly familiar with, does an excellent job as the bad guy in thsi movie, and she delivers a great performance. She makes all of this character's hatred and meanness show and plays them out incredibly well, making for a very realistic, and somewhat relateable character. She delivers a vastly convincing, as well as vastly believable, performance, and was definitely yet ANOTHER great casting choice for this movie.

All in all this movie was everything that I thought it was going to be and even more. I knew about the one little came with Hugh Heffner Holly, Bridget, and Kendra at the pool in the PlayBoy mansion, but their cameo turned out to be much bigger than I thought it was going to be, and they even had relatively major roles for the film. This is definitely a great and hilarious movie that I recommend for anyone to see because it'll have you in tears from laughing so hard. The first time you laugh is in the opening credits, where there are many different jokes that make it funny. This movie, as I said already in this paragraph, was everything I'd thought, and hoped, it would be, and more, and I'm glad I went to see this over the other movies because it was an awesome movie. A movie that mixes great jokes with great acting, and great directing. The visuals of the movie and the storyline help add to the hilarity of the movie, and make it that much more better. It's truly one of my new favorite comedy movies, and I cannot wait for it to hit DVD shelves because I'm DEFINITELY going to be buying this one!!!!!

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