The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) Review

“The Centipede Can Be Considered A Phallic Symbol. Centipedes Are Very Aggressive Creatures. Their Bite Can Be Very Painful.”

September 1st, 2012

Well, people will call me crazy for giving this movie such a high rating, but bring it on!

I remember when I saw the first. it actually was not much longer prior to me viewing this one. I watched the cut version On Demand. I was watching closley for where the cuts could have been, but they did a very good job of making the movie fluent, in a shorter version. Unlike the cut version of A Serbian Film, things still made sense, and it was still a shocking gore fest!

I completley understand why a large portion of people dislike this movie. It is not for everyone. Some people simply cannot stand the content, and some people fail to see what this movie is really all about. What this movie is about is how much Tom Six can shock the audience. Not about winning an Academy Award, or anything. What's so wrong about that? He accomplished his goal, did he not?

I really enjoy Tom Six's persona. Not just the atmosphere he creates in his Centi-series, but his personality. I have watched a few interviews here and there and I really like this guy. He seems to know what he is doing, not just some tard with a video camera, and a few bucks for some gore effects. He's someone I'd love to collaberate with, as a filmmaker. Bounce some ideas off of, and what not.

Normally I hate it when movies do the type of storyline this sequel pulled. Where the first one's events are turned into some movie that exists in the sequel. But actually I enjoyed the direction the sequel takes. It is about Martin, a mentally challenged fat guy who works security at a parking garge, and still likes with his mother. He loves the movie "The Human Centipede" so much he watches it non-stop on his laptop at work. Martin has a secret plan to make a 12-person centipede. So he goes out in the parking garage and bashes people on the head with a crowbar and abducts them, and dumps them in a wherehouse for later.

Martin, played by Laurence R. Harvey is in pretty much every scene. Martin says not a single word throughout the whole movie; just a grunt or two. But he carries the movie quite well. He is a very interesting character to watch. Ashlynn Yennins, returns. But this time as herself, who starred in the First Sequence. I'm not going to lie, the acting is pretty bad. Ashlynn has improved since the first film, but the other co-stars have not. It came off cheesy in some parts, but I forgive acting that is not perfect, because acting is hard. I can't do it very well, myself.

Well, see the movie if you have the stomach. I owe someone ice cream because I bet them they could not sit through the whole thing; yet they did. I recommend seeing the UNCUT version, which I think is pretty much standard, thankfully.


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  • crypt • 3 years ago

    @Zak-Lee-Ferguson Agreed there, everyone else dislikes these greatly, but hey. It's in some way understandable. Thanks for the compliment.


    • Zak-Lee-Ferguson • 3 years ago

      @crypt i loved the first, and after viewing the second i was repulsed, but then having grown into the theatricality's of subgenres and more i see what Tom Six is doing and he could be the most straight laced guy ever. He has a thinking cap, its shock factor based around the assumptions and reactions, not just about mouth-assing people :P I'm liking this review very much, your perhaps the only person along with Geekster who actually understands the platitude of this film.


      • crypt • 4 years ago

        @The-Mudder-F-cking-Loud-Killer haha thanks, i think... Well if you thought that about this one, just wait until HC Part III- Final Sequence.... 500+ centipede and Tom Six is the villain.


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