The Hurt Locker Review

"Sorry, I Just Want That Guy Blow Up Fast And The Movie Finnishes"

There are no suspense if the character are not a good guy. You cannot say "oh my god! a bomb, I hope it does not explode in the face of this good guy that dont want to be there" because... the guy WANTS to be there. The guy take desnecessary risks all the time.... So, there are no suspense. Slow motion in bullets? Just a break in the rythm. Strange parallel discussions not well explained, bad directed. Sorry academy, I disagree with you... AGAIN... The movie is anti-war??? really does not seem to me... and it put american invaders as heroes.... so... nothing really attracts in this movie.... The initial sequence in slow motion (wow, that was a very good use of the slowmotion) was really amazing, as others production, visual and sound effects. But this does not worthy the movie... Not even a little. Interestingly, this is the only thing interesting in the movie (the special effects) and the "campaign" of the movie was accusing his rival (Avatar) of this.... really ironic. Oh, and Avatar was awesome! And it discuss ecology, humanity idiocy, violence, and in a really entertaining (and very good directed) way.

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