The Incredible Hulk Review

“Close To Incredible”

June 13th, 2008

I took my son to see the Incredible Hulk movie, of course anybody who knows me, knows I'm really into comic book movies.

So much to my surprise the movie didn't drag like the 2003 film, didn't waste time with a long origin. It had great action and was a joy to watch something I looked forward to actually deliver what I wanted.

The beginning was showing an explosion of some kind at a lab, which we couldn't hear due to theater sound issues. So I missed what was said there which was explained later.

The story is good, the acting is awesome. Ed Norton is the perfect person to play the tormented Bruce Banner, he was more believable in the roll than Eric Bana.Liv Tyler is very good as Betty Ross (formally played by Jennifer Connelly).

I did have a hard time getting into William Hurts version of General Thunderbolt Ross at first, but ultimately found him impressive and a worthy adversary to Bruce Banner.Tim Roth usually plays good villains but he just seemed tiny next to General Ross. Until he became the Abomination which was the scene involving Samuel Sterns and the hint at future villain should they go that far.

Stan Lee had his usual cameo, I was probably the only person in the theater who reacted to him being show on screen. Lou Ferrigno had his cameo also and supplied the voice for The Hulk.

They even gave us key references to help build on the Captain America,Iron Man 2 and Avengers movies.

In the end the final battle delivered on it's promise. Plus the scene before the credits was a nice bonus, nothing after the credits expect a happy 4 1/2 year old and his Dad.

thanks for reading. XJWS79


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  • xjws79 • 8 years ago

    I should have made this one longer and bit more detailed.


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