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The Innkeepers is centered around the final two employees working in a haunted hotel before it goes out of business. After over one hundred years in business, The Yankee Pedlar Hotel is about to close its doors for good. The last remaining clerks, Claire (Sara Paxton), a twenty something that has come to terms with her lot in life, and Luke (Pat Healy), a computer-smart loner, are convinced that the hotel is haunted and are determined to prove it. As time ticks down to the final days of operation, mysterious guests check in including Leanne Rease-Jones (Kelly McGillis), a former TV actress turned psychic, and an old man insistent on staying in room 353. As several strange occurrences begin to add up, both Claire and Luke must make the crucial decision on what to believe and what not to believe...

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CONTEST: Win The Innkeepers Prizes
We're giving away gatefolds signed by director Ti West, a poster and the DVD to our readers.
The Inkeepers Blu-ray and DVD Checks in April 24th
Ti West directs Sara Paxton and Pat Healy in this indie horror tale about two inn employees trying to prove the place is haunted.
EXCLUSIVE: The Innkeepers Cast and Crew Interview
Actress Sara Paxton and director Ti West discuss this indie horror tale arriving in theaters February 3.
The Innkeepers Behind-the-Scenes Featurette
Director Ti West and star Sara Paxton discuss this horror tale about hotel workers trying to prove their building is haunted.
The Innkeepers Trailer
Ti West directs this thriller about a possessed bed and breakfast, on VOD in December and in theaters this February.
Third The Innkeepers Poster
Ti West directs Sara Paxton and Pat Healy in this horror tale about the employees of a haunted hotel.
The Beaver to Premiere at SXSW
Simon Pegg's alien comedy Paul and a Conan O'Brien documentary will also debut at the upcoming Austin music and film festival.
Sara Paxton, Kelly McGillis and Pat Healy Are The Innkeepers
George Riddle has also signed onto the new Ti West horror film.
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