The Karate Kid Review

“Kate Woo!”

August 22nd, 2010

Jaden Smith, I was not wild about this child actor, I thought he was too much like Will Smith, but without the comedy. I thought whenever I'll be watching him on screen I be watching a 1996 Fresh prince of Bel air style Will.

Smart never boring, exciting, loveable characters and excellent casting Karate kid deserves 4 TV molester stars, this is the 1984 version right? I'm kidding!


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  • emmytt • 6 years ago

    i bet this movie cant live up to the original one


    • ohthefilmnerd • 6 years ago

      Also the Evil Coach, his eyes bulging out, like they gunna pop, i would punch him.

      Then that wolud me be doing him a favour, putting htem right back into his head, so ill have to give him a slap on the back so they pop out again.

      NICE REVIEW yeah white hair boy got on my nerves after the first 1o seconds, the relationship is simplistically dim, and Jackie Chan was not only there to do action scenes but also emotional scenes, on the emotonal level 500 true genius


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