The Kid & I


At Booker High School, a diverse group of students are tired of seeing their freedoms taken away. Holden Donovan is fed up with Principal Weller, who goes to great lengths to stop the students from exercising their right to free expression. The students have an ally in Mr. Drucker one of their teachers who encourages them to fight for their rights. He pays a price for his leadership and is fired by Principal Weller. He decides to use his dismissal to make a change of his own, by producing a documentary chronicling the experiences of students who are faced with similar issues.

Tom Arnold and Eric Gores Talk ‘The Kid & I’

Tom Arnold's latest film finds the comedian reprising his role from True Lies. Only this time, his co-star is a teen with Cerebral Palsy. The Kid & I is a uniquly funny film that retells the (mostly) true story of Tom and his next-door neighbor Eric Gores. They met, became friends, and then Eric's Dad asked Tom to write a script for his son. Eric originally wanted it to be an action comedy. Tom decided that it should focus on their real lives. The result is one of the year's biggest surprises...

Tom and Eric recently sat down with MovieWeb for this hilarious discussion. Read it. You'll enjoy it.

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