The Kids Are All Right Review

“The Kids Are All Right.”

January 7th, 2011

The only value of this film is that it is shows that gay families are not something to be afraid of, shows us that children from such marriages do not grownup to be sex maniacs, serial killers or freaks. Film shows us that a good and healthy family is one with healthy family relationships, with mutual respect, support, understanding and love of course.

If you look from this perspective film has fulfilled its goal. But all in all this is bad film here is way.

The script has interesting idea brother and sister who decide to find their donor dad once they find him film goes in a predictable direction and it seems like you've already watched this movie 100 times except that the main characters are a gay couple. The film never really goes anywhere because plot is too thin and ending is disappointment.

I think Annette Bening, Julianne Mura, Mark Ruffalo did a good job . But movie is poorly written and poorly directed, and on the end boring.

Eventually it surprises me that this medium film will win awards.


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