The Last Boy Scout Review

"She's 13, And If You Even Look At Her Funny I'm Gonna Shove An Umbrella Up Your Ass And Open It."

Okay, so I've always been a huge fan of Bruce Willis, couldn't tell you what the first movie I saw him in was though, I think it was The Sixth Sense, but I've always liked his action movies because he's good at them! This is probably my favorite Bruce Willis movie now too. My Mom ordered this movie along with Anaconda, and they haven't come, so I've been waiting, impatiently I might add, for it to come so I could see it, when my Dad asks if I wanted to come over and see it. I had no clue he had it, or I'd have seen it long before I did! LOL! I finished the movie, and was just blown away at how awesome it was. It's got everything a good action movie needs. Action, Explosions, and Comedy, and it's definitely worth all five stars that I gave it! It's one that anyone'll love and I'm sure of it!

The director of this movie is Tony Scott, who I'm not familiar with by name. He does an awesome job with this movie, and his directing skills are really shown with all the scenes as they pass by. From the very beginning, to the very end, and everything that he had to do with this movie was done awesomely! The writers of this movie have done an awesome job as well! The first writer is Greg Hicks, and the second writer, who ALSO wrote the screenplay was Shane Black, and these two really did an awesome job in creating an intense story packed with everything movie watchers like me love to see. They really create an epic movie that will live on in our hearts forever, I'm sure. The three of these guys really worked well together to bring us this epic movie because that's what it truly is, an EPIC movie.

The visuals in this movie, for being made the year that I was born, are amazing. The explosions are so incredible, and they're believable too. Some explosions you see and know automatically that they're fake, but these ones actually fool you! Also I like how they looked after big fights and stuff, their expressions actually looked as if they were tired as hell and out of breath! Also the make-up used was done really well too because the ammount of blood and bruise makeup they used was a believable amount, what I mean by this is that they didn't look too overdone, and out there, but like actual cuts and scratches. All the visuals in this movie are done masterfully, and especially the different fight scenes, it's really cool to see them, and it's realistic, not those fakish shooting sounds they tend to use in movies, but realistic gun firing. It's all done very well visual wise.

The storyline is one of the most original that I've ever seen, even if it's almost seventeen years old(LIKE ME!!!!! LOL!!!!!) and I enjoyed every second of it. A man is hired by a dancer at a stripper bar to watch over her, but when she is murdered by a professional hit later that night, he unravels something even bigger than her murder, a political scandal if you will, and with the help of the woman's boyfriend, he searches for clues and tracks it all down so that they can get the truth uncovered and solve a case that seems to have more to it than meets the eye. It's a story that pretty much gets you right from the starting sequence, which I might add is a shocker, and just keeps it there for the whole entire movie. There are also tons of laughs in it, that just make it an awesome, and as I've said repeatedly, EPIC movie.

Bruce Willis stars in the lead role of this movie as Joe Hallenbeck. Joe is a man whose life seems to be teetering on the edge of sanity, and one day he arrives home to discover that his wife is cheating on him with his best friend. His daughter has also been acting out alot lately at home, drawing disturbing pictures, and just being downright unbearable, especially towards him. It seems that it's his fault that she's been acting out so. Just like his wife, it seems that his daughter wants more attention from him, which is understandable. He takes the job that his "best friend" offers him, and proceeds keeping an eye on this dancer, that's when he meets the dancer's boyfriend, Jimmy, and he leaves, at Jimmy's request. Well later, while he is driving by, this girl, who is named Cory(Played by the ever beautiful Halle Berry, I might add) is kille, by a professional hit. Suddenly, Joe is thrown into a giant scandal along with Cory's boyfriend, Jimmy, and they begin to unravel a huge mystery, that seems to tie in a bit to Joe's very messy past. He must now try and save someone from his past, whom he does not like at all, and must RELUCTANTLY save. Bruce Willis does an excellent job in this movie, and makes for a very moving character that really gets at you because of all of his inner struggles, and yet makes you laugh because of his jokes, all of which Bruce Willis does VERY convincingly and VERY believably. He was definitely a great casting choice for this movie.

Damon Wayans, another of my favorite actors, stars in this movie as Jimmy Dix. Jimmy is a former Football player, whose life seemed to suddenly plummet downhill when the pains in his knees seemed to hinder him, and then he got medicine for it, and soon after he was disbanded from the league for gambling, and his life went more downhill, plummeting faster and faster, and soon he had an addiction to drugs. Then, his girlfriend, Cory, is murdered right before his eyes by professional hitmen, and he teams up with a body guard of sorts, who was trying to protect his girlfriend, when Jimmy made him leave, and he begins to find clues that his girlfriend was trying to blackmail the old coach of his team so that he could get his spot back on the team, and that's why she was killed. Because of the blackmail evidence. Soon he helps Joe, who he sees many emotional problems in, to unravel this mystery, and bring the scandal into public eye, getting justice for Cory's murderer. Damon Wayans has been one of my favorite actors ever since I saw the movie Major Payne, which is one of my favorites as well, and in this movie he really makes a funny character, that just makes the movie, his scenes with Bruce Willis usually have you cracking up, and near hysterical, and he really fits into this character well, and has the whole defeated and justice-seeking attitude down. He makes this a very convicing and believable character, and is definitely another great casting choice for this movie.

Chelsea Field, whom I don't really know, stars in this movie as Sarah Hallenbeck, Joe Hallenbeck's wife. Sarah has seen her husband ever since he saved the President's life, and she begins to feel lonely, desparate and lost because soon he doesn't even bother coming home, and just sleeps at the office. She starts cheating on him, and with his best friend at that, so that he will notice her again, and for once pay attention, and she thought that if she cheated with his friend, it'd do just that! But it seems to send him over the edge, and soon he starts to take his job really seriously lately, and now she's even more worried, but she's still ticked at him because of how he reacted to her cheating on him. She's really just a lonely woman who wants some attention, and she'll do anything to get it from her HUSBAND, whom she desperately loves, but is not sure that she is loved in return. What's more is that her daughter, Darian, has been acting out way badly, drawing disturbing pictures, and just being a downright brat. She has so many problems going on in her life now that it seems she's headed down the same path as her husband, Joe, is. Chelsea Field does an excellent job in this movie, and she makes this a very convincing and believable character, she really is good at getting all the character's struggles and issues, and cries for attention, out in her expressions, and just how she acts, and that's what really makes it a convincing and believable role. She was yet another excellent casting choice for this movie.

Noble Willingham, whom I ALSO do not know at all, stars in this movie as Sheldon Marcone, or Shelly as he is called by his close friends. Marcone is the owner of the football team that Jimmy Dix was kicked off of. It seems that he's been bribing the entire board of Football commissions and everything important dealing with the rules of gambling in football, except for the senator, a man who Joe despises, but must eventually save. Now Marcone is going to desparate measures to do things, killing Jimmy's girlfriend for one because she was blackmailing him, and he wasn't too happy about it. He continues to send his little hitmen after Joe and Jimmy, and it seems at so many different times that he will win out, and that for once the good guys will lose all, while the bad guys win and celebrate. He's a devious man, and all he is worried about is getting all the good players, like Jimmy Dix, back onto his football team to play for him, so that his team will once again be on a winning streak. Noble Willingham plays an excellent bad guy in this movie, and he really does all the characteristics, as well as the expressions of a man who doesn't care that what he is doing is wrong and could potentially get people killed because that is what he wants, and he does it all so well. He makes it a very convincing and believable character, and he is deginitely yet another awesome casting choice for this movie.

All in all, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is an incredible action film that I'm sure everyone out there loves, BUT on the off chance that you haven't seen this classic film, then go out to your local department store, movie store, etc. etc., and pick up a copy right now because you are really in for an awesome, action-packed, and hilarious treat. This is definitely a movie worth watching, and it's now one of my favorites!!!!!

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