The Last Godfather


In 1950s New York, Mafia boss Don Carini suddenly brings his lovechild Young-gu from Korea, who seems mentally impaired, to train him as his successor. He keeps disappointing everyone by behaving strangely but finally manages to win the hearts of the gang. However, the mafia's rival refuses to let him take over.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Last Godfather’ DVD Clip

We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming home video release The Last Godfather, which will hit DVD on August 9. Click on the video below for a scene where Hyung-rae Shim tries unorthodox methods to fend off an attacker alongside co-star Jason Mewes.

Mob boss Don Carini (Harvey Keitel) is retiring from the Mafia business - but when he gathers the family to announce his heir, the Don surprises everyone by anointing his goofy grownup love child, Younggu (Hyung-rae Shim), as the next godfather. With everyone gunning for the job - and his father pressuring him to succeed - will Younggu overcome his enemies and rise to become the head of the fami-lee before he winds up snoring with the fishes?

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CJ Entertainment Will Finance and Distribute ‘The Last Godfather’ According to Variety, Korea's CJ Entertainment has come aboard director Shim Hyung-rae's The Last Godfather. The film stars Harvey Keitel and Jason Mewes.

CJ Entertainment is going to co-produce, finance and distribute the $13.4 million film.

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