The Last King of Scotland


In an incredible twist of fate, a Scottish doctor (James McAvoy) on a Ugandan medical mission becomes irreversibly entangled with one of the world's most barbaric figures: Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker). Impressed by Dr. Garrigan's brazen attitude in a moment of crisis, the newly self-appointed Ugandan President Amin hand picks him as his personal physician and closest confidante. Though Garrigan is at first flattered and fascinated by his new position, he soon awakens to Amin's savagery - and his own complicity in it. Horror and betrayal ensue as Garrigan tries to right his wrongs and escape Uganda alive.

Director Kevin Macdonald Is Preparing for ‘Bobby Fischer Goes to War’!

Universal Pictures and Working Title partners Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner have teamed up to make the chess-themed feature film Bobby Fischer Goes to War. According to Variety, Bevan and Fellner have signed The Last King of Scotland director Kevin Macdonald to shoot the anticipated chess epic.

Production for Bobby Fischer Goes to War is scheduled for later this year.

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CONTEST: Take Home ‘The Last King of Scotland’ on DVD!

Movie PictureOn April 17 The Last King of Scotland comes to DVD! To celebrate the release of this powerful film we are giving away copies of it!

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‘The Last King of Scotland’ Rises to DVD April 17

April 17 is going to be a royal day on DVD.

Charming. Magnetic. Murderous. Under the mad dictatorship of Idi Amin - phenomenally portrayed by Oscar®-winner Forest Whitaker(a) in The Last King of Scotland - Africa experienced one of its most horrific reigns of terror. Now Amin's gripping tale of ambition and corruption will captivate audiences when The Last King of Scotland debuts on DVD April 17 from Fox Home Entertainment. Based on Giles Foden's award-winning debut novel of the same name and featuring "one of the greatest performances of modern movie history," (Wall Street Journal), The Last King of Scotland stars Academy Award®-winner Forest Whitaker (Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai), who has received multiple accolades - including Best Actor wins at the Golden Globe®, Screen Actors Guild, National Board of Review® and International Press Academy® Awards - for his total embodiment of the charismatic, yet psychopathic Ugandan dictator.

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Forest Whitaker Becomes Idi Amin In ‘The Last King Of Scotland’

He plays former Ugandan president, Idi Amin in The Last King Of Scotland. Getting prepared for the portrayal, Forest traveled to Uganda to meet with Amin's family, friends, and people who knew him. He also immersed himself into the culture of the African nation by learning the customs, their behaviors, and most importantly, their language.

Forest Whitaker: If it happened it would be important, it could help my career; I'm really happy that people are liking my work, that's a great thing, I worked hard on the character. Hopefully, it's going to get people into movie theaters; this is a little movie, it was made for like $8 million. Hopefully, if people are talking positively about the movie, they'll open it up wider; as far as the reality of that, I've done a lot movies where people have talked about the work, the performances and stuff, and this has not been the case. Earlier this year, when I was doing The Shield last year, reporters were talking about me being nominated or winning an Emmy, but I wasn't even nominated, and I felt like my work was strong in the show. If something like that happens it would be a great thing but I'm trying to live right now; I feel proud of the movie and people are receiving it well, and I hope people continue to go see it.

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