The Lion King 1 1/2


Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog retell the story of The Lion King, from their own unique perspective.

THE LION KING 1 1/2 becomes #1 home entertainment title of 2004

Running parallel to "The Lion King" yet completely original, "The Lion King 1 1/2" goes back before the beginning and introduces Timon's outrageous family, how he met Pumbaa, and more. The truth about some "passed" events -- such as when King Mufasa introduced his young heir to the animal kingdom -- are finally revealed. Let's just say there was something funny behind that dramatic moment when all the animals bowed to their new ruler! It's a wild side of the Pridelands that you've never seen before. Timon and Pumbaa were there ... and they ain't lion! Produced by George Mendoza. Directed by Bradley Raymond.


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