The Little Rascals


Spanky and the members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club find out that Alfalfa has been courting Darla. After a trial they sentence him to forget about her and other girls forever. Alfalfa is having trouble with his punishment, partularly since the new rich kid is moving in on his territory, and he works to win her back. Meanwhile Butch and Woim are trying to steal the gang's prized go-cart for the big derb coming up. The gang has monetary problems too, since they need to build a new clubhouse, but are having a hard time raising the money.

‘Little Rascals’ Cast Reunite for 20th Anniversary Photos

‘Little Rascals’ Cast Reunite for 20th Anniversary Photos

90s nostalgia is in full swing, and today The Little Rascals celebrates it's 20th Anniversary with a fun photo shoot that brings all of the original cast members back together. Take a look as they recreate the original poster and some memorable scenes, all in character.

Included in these photos are Travis Tedford as Spanky, Bug Hall as Alfalfa, Brittany Ashton Holmes as Darla, Ross Bagley as Buckwheat, Sam Saletta as Butch, Juliette Brewer as Mary Ann, Kevin Jamal Woods as Stymie, Jordan Warkol as Froggy, Zachary Mabry as Porky, Courtland Mead as Uh-Huh, Blake Jeremy Collins as Woim, Blake McIver Ewing as Waldo, and Heather Karasek as Jane. There is even a video from the photo shoot which offers a behind-the-scenes look at this reunion.

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