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Four years after the nightmare at the Jurassic Park theme park, John Hammond mounts another expedition to document the behavior of the dinosaurs at another, previously undisclosed, location.

Dr. Ian Malcolm grudgingly goes along on the expedition after he finds out his girlfriend, Dr. Sarah Harding, is already there with a wildlife videographer. Making matters more difficult, an unscrupulous big-game hunter is on the island hoping to "bag" a unique kill and, generally, stirring up mayhem among the prehistoric beasts.

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We sit down with actress Ariana Richards and special effects artists Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren, and John Rosengrant to discuss this Ultimate Trilogy.
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Steven Spielberg's groundbreaking trilogy will be available for the first time in 1080p on October 25.
Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Blu-ray Arrives October 25th
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