The Love Guru Review

“Prepare To Laugh... And Be Enlightened :)”

June 15th, 2008

A new Comedy movie by Mike Myers that will tickle your funny bones in a silly way. It won’t make your side hurt from laughing too much but it’s funny enough that you won’t mind seeing it again just to be entertained. Not all the jokes hit the target but the humor in general is meant for… those of us who are familiar with Mike Myers’ type of comedy. In times when it seems like a comedy movie has to be vulgar or show genitalia just for the shock effect, it’s cool to see something like this that has some suggestive sexual elements without being unnecessarily graphic about it.

I can understand why the Hindus and India people everywhere keep e-mailing me asking me to boycott this movie. THE LOVE GURU does contain some stuff that might offend certain ethnicities or beliefs. Especially how some names are made to sound like Indian but they mean something funny in English.

But I don’t think it means to make fun of a culture… if you notice carefully, I think the movie makes fun of Bollywood movies. I grew up watching Bollywood movies, so it cracks me up when Mike Myers and Jessica Alba start to spontaneously sing a silly song in the middle of a field, song that sounds just like the ones I’ve heard in Bollywood movies.

Not to mention this movie also features popular American songs accompanied with Indian musical style and instruments.

I’m not sure how Mike Myers does it, but he always seems to manage to get celebrities to do cameo in all his movies.

You’ll notice some famous faces show up, not for the money, but for the surprise and for a chance to be in a gig with Mike the Myers.

I find it hilarious how the characters would greet one another by saying the name of a famous TV actress, Mariska Hargitay.

The special effects are okay, the best one is Mike Myer’s character as a child.

The self-help storyline is very complimentary, it’s not preachy and in fact, it’s comical and profound at the same time… it sure means a lot that this movie is approved by Deepak Chopra himself.

I’m not a fan of Jessica Alba’s acting… I think she needs to take lessons again, but I have to admit, she’s never looked so gorgeous.

Justin Timberlake’s performance in this movie is rather annoying. When I saw the trailers months ago, I thought man, JT looks like he’s going to to be hilarious. But in fact, his fake Canadian French accent and his mannerism and the whole joke centered around him being supposedly endowed are more irritating than amusing.

Ya know how some comedy movies would start out with a bang but then it dies down halfway through the end. This one kinda has some unfunny, dull moments in the middle, but then it picks up again and it ends with a joyous celebration… literally

The force that holds it together in the end is none other than Mike Myers himself who’s got the charm, the wit, the outrageous facial expressions and the comedic timing that are all in harmony with the ultimate enlightenment that is THE LOVE GURU.


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  • pinget-69 • 8 years ago

    I believe that Jessica Alba was not made to be an actress as aesthetically-pleasing as she may be though i may be wrong considering her latest performances: although i am yet to see this film, the trailer didn't show much so i won't comment on this one but the other 2 films which she has done in the last year (Awake & The Eye) have shown her acting skills getting sharper with her performance in Awake getting close to what could be considered a satisfactory level.


    • flrep07 • 8 years ago

      nice review. everything was well written. im still a bit skeptical about this movie, seeing as how Justin Timberlake is not funny and neither is Jessica Alba, but it might surprise the end. once more, very well written review. "two thumbs up!"

      and let me say that you are very lucky for seeing all these movies in advance screenings.


      • ramasscreen-com • 8 years ago

        For Press screening, you have to be invited.

        For advance screening there's lots of websites.

        It also depends on whether they'll have the screening near your area.

        My friend owns Filmmetrocom

        and there's another one that's USC affiliated, it's called

        And there's

        And there's or something like that..


        • catwoman • 8 years ago

          Thank you for reading a few of my reviews, and also for agreeing that Jessica Alba has potential. I was stArting to think I was mental for thinking Jesica has no potential.

          Also is there a way that I can see movies at an advanced screening, or do you have to be invited or have to "know people" or something?


          • ramasscreen-com • 8 years ago

            Yes indeed,

            I saw this at test/press screening.

            It's been a fun ride to get to see movies before they open.

            I just wish there was a way to watch THE DARK KNIGHT before July 18th, 2008.

            I'd even pay to go to the advanced screening of that one.

            o and... I've read some of your reviews this past weekend, I've made a few notes.. and I'll share it with you later today.

            About Jessica Alba,... she's an eye candy.. but acting-wise,.. .there's just something missing.

            It's nothing that she can't fix though.

            She's still got potential.


            • catwoman • 8 years ago

              Did you see this one at an advanced screening too? Like Hulk.

              Also, Jaeesica Alba's acing may not be worthy of an accademy award, but there are worse actors out there, and I think she will become a great actress someday. Have you seen The Eye? She was good in that except for this one part where she's coughing because her home is filled with smoke.

              Anyway good review like all your others. You really have a talent for writing reviews.


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