The Man


Federal Agent Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) walks the walk, while affable dental supply salesman Andy Fidler (Eugene Levy) talks and talks in the odd couple action comedy The Man. A case of mistaken identity forces the mismatched duo to team up and sets off an intense and hilarious adventure as they speed through the streets of Detroit to pull off a sting operation and solve the murder of Vann’s former partner. Along the way, they uncover much more than they could have ever anticipated.

Sam Jackson is ‘The Man’

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the toughest actors in Hollywood. In his latest film, The Man, he's once again playing a tough Detroit special police agent.

But then enters Eugene Levy, a dental salesman who's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Eugene gets involved in an international gun deal that Sam has to get him out of.

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CONTEST: Win Prizes From ‘The Man’

One guy walks the walk. The other talks the talk. Only one of them can be The Man.

In honor of New Line Cinema's upcoming comedy, The Man hitting theaters this Friday, we're giving away some great prizes from the film!

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It's a Case of Mistaken Identity for Eugene Levy as ‘The Man’

The master of improv teams up with Sam Jackson for some funny business.

We all remember Eugene Levy as the dad in the American Pie series. He's getting ready to rock the big screen again with Samuel L. Jackson in The Man! He plays a dental salesman who is mistaken for an international gun salesman.

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Everything worth doing has already been done. But there's no harm in doing it again. Just realize, even if it's produced better or buffed to perfection, that euphoria of never having seen anything like it before is an impossible feeling to reactivate. Despite what you could say in defense of any given film that comes out nowadays, there's always going to be something (most likely a lot of things) to compare it too. We've reached the point in film history where everything is a rip-off of a rip-off of a remake that came from an idea on a TV show. And that's definitely how you could categorize THE MAN.

The production notes wave this off as an homage to Midnight Run. It reminds me more of The In-Laws, especially since Eugene Levy dabbles in Dentistry equipment and Alan Arkin, himself, was a dentist. The connection is there, but I haven't heard mention of that film in advertising. Maybe because the remake sucked so bad and they don't want to bring it up in mixed company or have The Man associated with Micheal Douglas-esque slapstick. Yeah? Probably.

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16 New Images From ‘The Man’

New Line Cinema has provided MovieWeb with 16 new images from the upcoming comedy caper, The Man, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Eugene Levy, Luke Goss and Miguel Ferrer.

A Federal Agent turns up dead on the mean streets of Detroit. When it's learned that the Agent was 'on the take' in a multi-million dollar arms heist, all eyes turn toward his partner, Derrick Vann (Samuel L. Jackson) a hardcore undercover Federal Agent known for his untrusting, street-wise style. Vann's given 24 hours to recover the stolen arms and find the cop killers, but he's about to stumble upon an unlikely ally...Enter Andy Fiddler (Eugene Levy) an affable dental supply salesman in town for a two-day convention. When the bad guys mistake Andy to be the buyer in a stolen arms deal, Vann is forced to utilize the talkative salesman as 'the face' of his sting operation. With the clock ticking, this unlikely duo speed through the streets of Detroit in an intense and hilarious adventure that uncovers much more than they could have ever anticipated.

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New images from ‘The New World’, ‘The Man’, ‘Dying for Dolly’ and ‘A Lot Like Love’!

We've got some new preview images from some highly anticipated films from New Line Cinema and Lions Gate Films. Click on an image or title below to access the film's new Movie Stills gallery.

When New York’s hottest nightclub deejay Darrell (Usher) saves a mob boss's life (Chazz Palminteri), he is rewarded for his bravery with the job of watching over the don's beautiful daughter Dolly (Emmanuelle Chriqui). The sparks soon begin to fly between this attractive couple from very different worlds, against her formidable father’s wishes. The don, however, has other things on his mind—quashing a potential war with an arch-rival and controlling a young, ruthless challenger to his throne. In the end, all's fair in love and gangster warfare in this hip romantic comedy, Dying For Dolly. Directed by Ron Underwood and produced by John Dellaverson, the film’s executive producers include Bill Borden, Usher Raymond and Holly Davis-Carter.

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