The Marine 2 Review

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September 14th, 2013

When people hear WWE films, or see that a wrestler is starring in a movie, they are automatically turned off, and I never understood why. We tend to see wrestlers as muscles heads, running around in their underwear, but the truth is that wrestling is fake. These guys are all actors who every week need to learn line and choreography, just like an actor does! When WWE films was launched in 2006, a lot of people snickered, but the truth is, we've gotten some pretty films from the company, including 12 Rounds, The Call, See No Evil, and The Marine. Much like other Action films, the plot of the Marine 2 is somewhat thin. The story features a highly decorated, U.S. Marine, on vacation with his wife, when the resort is overrun by terrorists. The Marine (Ted DiBiase Jr.), has to take it upon himself to save his wife and the other hostages, when it becomes painfully obvious that the local military isn't equipped to deal with the terrorists. DiBiase Jr., a third generation wrestler, is the star of this film, an unlike John Cena in the first film, DiBiase really seems to have some type of military training in his background. The action and fight sequences are much better in this film then they were in the first. DiBiase Jr. really seems to know what he's doing and it made the story that much more enjoyable. What DiBiase Jr. lacks in acting skills, is more than made up for with the terrific action sequences. He is also aided by some fairly big names for a film like this, including Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead and Star Wars, Temuera Morrison. The first Marine film was a debut for a studio and lacked the bite of most Action films. The second installment was much better, featuring a more experienced cast, and much better fight sequences. You may not want to see this film, because it's a WWE production, and I can respect that, but in all honesty, you'll be missing out on a more than decent Action movie.

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