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In ancient Egypt, high priest Imhotep started a forbidden relationship with Anck-su-namun, Pharaoh Seti's Mistress. When Seti finds out about what's going on, Imhotep and his loved one stab him, but can't escape the trustworthy guards: Anck-su-namnun chooses to commit suicide while Imhotep is bestowed with the Hom-Dai, the most feared curse of all: He is mummified alive in Hamunaptra, the city of the Dead. More than thirty-six centuries later, in 1923, to be exact, adventurer Rick leads Egyptologist Evelyn and her brother Johnathan to mysterious Hamunaptra. While Johnathan is keen on finding the legendary Egyptian treasures, Evelyn wants to search for the Book of the Living, which would clarify a lot in historical knowledge about the ancient Egyptians. Unfortunately, they and a rivaling group of careless American adventurers free Imhotep's mummy from his eternal prison. Now, with the ancient and quite agile high priest on the loose, the adventurers and scientists face not only a dangerous enemy, but also a massive threat to today's world: Imhotep wants to bring Anck-su-namun back to life by using Evelyn's body, but he also wants to rid the world of the disbelieving crowd of democracy-supporters to be able to enforce his tyrannic dictatorship.

The Mummy News
The Mummy Reboot Lands Director Len Wiseman
The Total Recall filmmaker is finalizing a deal to direct from Jon Spaihts' script, with Universal eyeing a summer 2014 release date.
Tom Cruise to Star in Van Helsing Remake for Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman
The producers are also developing a remake of The Mummy with Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts under their new deal with Universal.
The Mummy Gets Reboot from Prometheus Writer Jon Spaihts
Universal Pictures is set to put a new spin on this monster franchise, returning to its original horror roots.
An American Werewolf in London Claws it's Way to HD-DVD on November 28
Buena Vista Home Entertainment announces Third Wave of Blu-ray titles!
EXCLUSIVE: Video from Universal Studios The Mummy ride!
...what to expect from the ride itself and more!
CONTEST: Win prizes from Universal Studios The Mummy ride!
...we're giving away The Mummy DVDs!
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