The Objective


A decade after "The Blair Witch Project" successfully dissuaded many would-be campers from venturing out into the woods, one of its co-creators is back with a similarly unsettling descent into the unknown. In the supernatural thriller The Objective, writer-director Daniel Myrick locates the action in a remote mountain region of Afghanistan, where a team of US Special Ops forces is dispatched with the ostensible orders of locating an influential Muslim cleric. While on the mission they find themselves lost in a Middle Eastern 'Bermuda Triangle' of ancient evil and faced with an enemy that none of them could have imagined.

EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Myrick Has a Secret ‘Objective’

The Objective takes audiences into an unknown, mysterious and remote location of Afghanistan. It is a land shrouded in uncertainty, dominated by spirituality and superstition and inhabited by a population that has only known war and invasion throughout its history. Shot on location in the Middle East, the film takes contemporary America into the heart of its current international uncertainty. As the film's protagonists blindly search remote desert mountains for an unspecified objective, they encounter an enemy they know little about. And one can't help but draw parallels with recent US military operations in the Middle East.

Can you tell me about the story without giving too much away?

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