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“"This Is What All Buddy Cop Films Should Strive To Be.."”

August 9th, 2010

I remember some time earlier this year, when i saw a film named "Cop Out" starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. I thought that movie was funny at times but overall a big let down. So when I heard that Ferrell was coming out with a film a little similar, it's very easy to say that i was a little hesitant but then i remembered this one simple fact: It's Will Ferrell and Adam Mckay....This film is hilareous, action-packed and it's what all buddy cop films should strive to be. The complaints i have for this film are very small to the point of i could say there is nothing wrong with it (of course i can't do that).



I felt the story was surprisingly deep for a Ferrell movie. Not only a Ferrell movie but an action comedy at that. I went in thinking that it was just going to be a sort of cops-and-robbers storyline and i was actually pretty badly mistaken. It deals with Ponzie schemes which is a subject that not many films deal with let alone buddy cop films. I think they pulled the story line off perfectly.


I thought all of the acting was great for the roles. Everyone was cast very nicely and filled the positing they were cast for very well. However, this is wear my one small complaint does come in. I didn't necessarily like the fact that Sam Jackson and Dwayne Johnson leave the film so early on. I'm not saying that they should have kept them in the entire film, but they were really only onscreen for about 10 minutes. It was more of a cameo than an actual role. Anyway, i thought that everyone else in the film was perfect. Everyone from Ferrell down to Rob Riggle. I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Keaton quoting TLC the entire film. I thought that was some of the funniest quotes of the film.


Surprisingly awesome. Mckay has never directed something this action packed before and i thought that he did a great job. Nothing too over-the-top but nothing too standard either. Just a very good job on his part.


There weren't an abundance of spectacular visuals in the film, but i didn't expect there to be either. It's a buddy cop film not an "Avatar" sequel. The explosions looked great and the gun fights looked great as well.


The soundtrack to this film is excellent. It contains 26 tracks featuring everyone from TLC to Rage Against the Machine. The songs included in the film were well placed and actually helped the movie rather than feel like they just stuck in some random rock song at a part of serious action.


This movie is great. It's extremely funny and really well done. The humor in this film isn't like most other Will Ferrell and Adam McKay films where it's all dick and fart jokes. The humor is actually thought out and fits the film well. This movie is go see in the theater and buy on DVD film.

Thanks for reading!!!


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