The Other Guys Review

“I Guess Just THE Guys Were Too Dumb For The Job... Damn Right!”

October 22nd, 2010

So you got THE Guys who without sense jump from a god damn roof aiming for the bushes and you got the OTHER Guys who are similar in actions to the dumbest cops in the world (but if the other guys are the dumbest cops in the world well what makes THE guys be?). Sounds fun? Maybe, maybe not... But here's the deal: one of them, career wise, is a complete failure wanna-be and the other guy is a sore loser which gets laid every night thanks to the most gorgeous woman on the planet I may add. Sounds hilarious enough? Oh wait! Not at all... the story of these two "dudes" characters it's the same as each story about two other wanna-be detectives who are trying to become the best cops: they do stupid things, they fail in almost each move they make but still, at the end, they get the girl and the fame... now ain't that sweet? Honestly, this movie is full of cliches but it had, I must admit, some real funny moments... At least it was to a certain point entertaining...

The casting was so and so. You have Dwayne Johnson aka "The Rock" and Samuel L Jackson thrown in the movie just to sell some tickets but in fact you only get one of the "not-so-good" (let's not call it "the worst") actors of the moment, Mark Wahlberg and you got a classic comedian, Will Ferrel, which was the only good male choice. He acted so well as a nerdie loser type of cop I almost enjoyed pretty much each scene with him. The best female part goes easily to Eva Mendes, not only that she looked hot but she is a better actress than most of these "Hollywood Models".

The film was shot pretty good, you got a stop-motion scene which was really cool till I realize you have Black Eyed Peas as soundtrack... Then again, the soundtrack was in the same tone with the movie... Hilarious... Overall, the movie is watchable, enjoyable, fun, ridiculous at points... It's entertaining if you look for a movie that does exactly that... I mean as a comedy it makes you deliver some laughs but otherwise it's just average...

Here's my ratings for this flick... see you on my next review...

Storyline/Dialogue: 5,5/10.

Acting: 6,5/10.

Art Direction: 6/10.

Cinematography/Editing: 6/10.

Soundtrack: 5/10.


Overall: 5,9


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