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Two estranged childhood friends channel their talent and passion for music into a cross-country road trip that brings them face to face with their past on a quest to confront the future.

Spyder (Kevin Zegers—Transamerica, Dawn of the Dead), a world famous musician those debut album is a huge hit, retreats to his hometown after his sophomore effort flops. There he reconnects with his former friend and collaborator, Eric Genson (Jason Ritter—Happy Endings, W), now a middle school music teacher. It’s a reunion that forces the two to recall their youthful ambitions and re-examine the choices they’ve made. Accompanied by legendary rock ’n’ roll impresario August West (Peter Fonda—Easy Rider, Ulee’s Gold), Spyder’s raucous crew of musicians, The Lost Soulz, and their fiery manager, Rose Atropos (Taryn Manning—Hustle & Flow, 8 Mile), they set off on a journey along historic Route 66 in hopes of salvaging a long lost dream and rekindling the mojo that made Spyder’s debut album such a huge success.

Featuring appearances by some of the world’s greatest blues artists, a killer soundtrack, and scenes of mayhem, triumph and tragedy, THE PERFECT AGE OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL is an unforgettable wild ride that brings two friends closer to each other, their destiny, and the truth behind the music.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll Clip
Kevin Zegers and Jason Ritter star in this musical drama from director Scott D. Rosenbaum, in select theaters this August.
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Jason Ritter and Taryn Manning star in Scott D. Rosenbaum's latest drama about a rock star who heads back to his home town.
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