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Bale and Jackman will play rival magicians in turn-of-the-century London who battle each other for trade secrets. The title refers to the residue left after a magician's successful trick.

The Prestige News
The Prestige Is Magic on DVD February 20
Disc is loaded with featurettes dissecting the craft of the film.
Buena Vista Home Entertainment Unveils Blu-ray Slate for 2007
Some of the titles include The Prestige, Cars and Open Range.
The Prestige Pulls Out a First Place Win at the Box Office
The Departed stays strong in second.
Michael Caine Talks The Prestige
Veteran actor discusses making the film, trying to perfect his craft, and why he continues working.
Jonathan Nolan On Writing The Prestige
Screenwriter discusses adapting Christopher Priest's book, working with his brother, and writing The Dark Knight.
Christian Bale Gets Magical in The Prestige
Actor talks about the necessity of mystery, Christopher Nolan, and James Mangold's 3:10 to Yuma.
Sleight of Hand With The Prestige's Hugh Jackman
Actor discusses playing a magican, practicing tricks, and having certain scenes not make it into the film.
Director Christopher Nolan Plays A Trick With The Prestige
The director talks about getting David Bowie in his film, that other "magic" movie, and the sequel to Batman Begins.
The Prestige Official Website Launched
Visitors can solve a puzzle to watch an exclusive clip buried within the site.
The Prestige Edit Bay Visit With Chris Nolan, Part 1
Get a behind the scenes look at the making of his new film.
The Prestige Edit Bay Visit With Chris Nolan, Part 2
The writer/director opens up about his latest magical project.
Chris Nolan Clears Up Dark Knight Rumors
The writer/director gives the inside scoop into the Batman sequel.
Andy Serkis Joins Christopher Nolan's The Prestige
Alongside Christian Bale, David Bowie, Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson.
First Photos of Hugh Jackman As Magician Rupert Angier in The Prestige
Get a glimpse of the actor on the set.
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