The Prestige Review

“Engaging, Smart, Brilliant And Overall-PERFECT. My Favorite Nolan Film.”

May 12th, 2012

The Movie has excellent cast. The character development is superb. The friendship, Jealousy and hatred- The three stages are well written but shown excellently by Mr.Christopher Nolan. Throughout the film, we tend to change sides, we are confused in who to support??. Well, this film is very exciting and inches towards the ending.

The movie starts as a magician Alfred Borden(Christian Bale) sentenced for the murder of Rival Robert Angier(Hugh Jackman). The story then shifts to the flashbacks. Then we come to know how the two fellow Magicians became Rivals and the rivalry blossomed into Hatred. They both try to master the 'Ultimate Magic' which leads to the climax. The suspense continue and is present thorughout the film. The rest of the cast is perfect.

Hugh Jackman: As Robert Angier, did his part flawlessly. We start caring about his character. He is portrayed as humanitarian during whole of the film. Light hearted, revenge-seeking rival of Alfred borden. I personally think, this is the best Hugh jackman film.

Christian Bale: The Dark knight, is somewhat villainous for the most of the film. Serious and he does the transported man before Angier.

Direction: Well, i need not say here. It's Nolan who should be appreciated for directing this A+ film. He is a maestro and this movie is a welcoming film for the batman series and Inception. A+ film and A++ Directing.

Visuals: They were good. The magics were shown brilliantly.

What works best for the film is the feel present throughout. There is some type of DARK yet lighthearted feel to it. The Background score is mediocre. The VIsuals are damn cool. There are Excellent plot twists present during the movie. There are certain sad moments present in this film.

This is by far the best Hugh Jackman film. His acting was top-notch, no mistakes or flaws can be found, we start to feel about his character. Christian blae, the serious man here, also was perfect. Michael caine, is no exceltion here, he is PERFECT. Scarlett looked stunning.

I highly recommend this movie. A perfect Complex Entertainer.

Verdict: Excellent Film, A+, 4.5/5


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