The Right Stuff


This epic chronicle of the seven pilots chosen to become astronauts for Project Mercury is based on the novel by Tom Wolfe. Deep in the desert during the 1950s, army test pilots courageously fought to break the sound barrier. These maverick men would stop at nothing to achieve winning speed. Led by their champion, Chuck Yeager (Sam Shepard), they caroused at the local watering hole while sharing tales of extreme sport and bravery--until the Russians successfully sent their Sputnik satellite into the skies, and the United States government panicked, quickly launching a space program of its own. In an effort to find the right men for the job, the government searched the desert and the seas, compiling a crew of daredevil space cowboys willing to do anything for the chance to represent America in the space race. After grueling medical, physical, and psychological tests, seven men were left standing, led by American hero John Glenn (Ed Harris), test pilots Gordon Cooper (Dennis Quaid), Gus Grissom (Fred Ward), and Scott Carpenter (Charles Frank), and Navy man Alan Shepard (Scott Glenn). With the help of the media and the government, these men became overnight heroes, sacrificing their freedom and their families for the dream of space travel. This piercing exploration of the men and wives behind the mission serves as a testament to the determination of America to dominate the field of space exploration, while offering an intriguing portrait of a period in which America wanted to believe in perfect men and their perfect wives, even if the reality was vastly more complex.

Philip Kaufman to Direct ‘I Was Interrupted’

According to Variety, The Right Stuff helmer Philip Kaufman has signed on to direct I Was Interrupted, a biopic about Rebel Without a Cause director Nicholas Ray, from a script by Jesus' Son scribe Oren Moverman.

Script will be based on Ray's memoir of the same name and tackle the last decade of the late director's life, especially his relationship with the teenage Susan Schwartz, who eventually became his wife. No start date has been set for the production. Ray struggled with drugs and alcohol and waged several battles with Hollywood.

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THE RIGHT STUFF finally come to DVD!

The Right Stuff: Burbank, Calif., March 27, 2003 -- Philip Kaufman’s The Right Stuff -- the inspiring, electrifying epic about the birth of the U.S. space program that won four Academy Awards® and was nominated for Best Picture by both the Academy and Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- will be released by Warner Home Video (WHV) as a deluxe, feature-packed, Two-Disc DVD Special Edition June 10.  The DVD will sell for $26.99 SRP.


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