The Ringer


Desperate for cash to help a friend in need and pay off his smarmy uncle’s gambling debts, Steve Barker sinks to an all time low...he attempts to fix the Special Olympics by pretending to be a person with intellectual disabilities. But he is completely out-classed by his fellow Olympians, who are not only superior athletes, they’re also wiser in the ways of the world. Several of his fellow competitors immediately spot Steve as a fraud, but because they too would like to see the fall of Jimmy, the snooty reigning champion, they join forces to help The Ringer win. Together they train Steve to become a better athlete and, most importantly, a better man.

‘The Ringer’ Takes the Top Position in Sales and Rentals for Last Week

The Ringer may not have brought in as much money at the box office, but it beat When a Stranger Calls to take the number one position on the DVD sales and rental charts last week.

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, according to VideoScan's First Alert DVD sales chart The Ringer brought in $7.9 million in rentals while When a Stranger Calls took in $7.4 million.

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CONTEST: Win ‘The Ringer’ On DVD!

Movie PictureForget all your politically correct notions about what is and isn't sacred because The Ringer is one heck of a special movie! In honor of it's release we are giving away copies to some very lucky people.

CLICK HERE to have some laughs with a heart!

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