The Shaggy Dog


The new version will be based on the storyline from The Shaggy D.A., a sequel to the original 1959 Fred MacMurray comedy. Allen will play a lawyer whose devotion to his career comes at the expense of his family. His transformation into a dog hampers his career, but teaches him to be a better father and husband.

Kristin Davis is One Hot Mom in ‘The Shaggy Dog’

You have a quite a few scenes acting with the dog. How was that?

Was it difficult to communicate with an animal?

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Tim Allen Woofs it Up in ‘The Shaggy Dog’

Tim Allen has had great success by concentrating on family friendly films. He's struck box office gold with Disney and is really committed to their projects. Tim talks at length about working with Disney and how the remake of 'The Shaggy Dog' came together. He wanted to make a better film than the original without relying on special effects or cheap gags to make it work. He had a great time, but turns out to be a cat person after all.

How did you find your inner dog?

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