The Silent House Reviews

  • Reminiscent of the breathless right-behind-you tension of Ils (Them), full of playful reveals and made all the eerier by Hernan Gonzalez's classically ominous score.

    William Goss —

  • If this one-shot approaches imposes a strict unity of time and place on Hernandez's film, nonetheless the story will prove to be no more straight than the house is silent

    Anton Bitel — Sight and Sound

  • (The Silent House movie review at Sight and Sound)

    Sight and Sound

  • A quick, fluid, scary tale that makes up for in quiet chills what it lacks in slam-bang craziness.

    Scott Weinberg — FEARnet

  • Ate consegue criar um ou outro momento memoravel, mas, de modo geral, e tristemente mediocre, jamais fazendo jus ao preciosismo tecnico com que foi concebido.

    Pablo Villaca — Cinema em Cena

  • (The Silent House movie review at Film School Rejects)

    Rob Hunter — Film School Rejects

  • A remarkable exercise in atmosphere and suspense.

    Mar Diestro-Dopido — Sight and Sound

  • The catch of this Uruguayan horror film is its structure, one continuous shot that takes us through a perplexing tale of disturbance, murder and madness.

    Anthony Quinn — Independent

  • has found a way not only to suggest a gimmick successfully carried through, but also to weave that gimmick into a richer thematic tapestry.

    Walter Chaw — Film Freak Central

  • The stylistic angle comes off as a gimmick used to occupy the viewers' attention and keep them from stopping to think about how flimsy the script is.

    Dustin Putman

  • Ambition can definitely detract from a project's bigger picture. The Silent House actually thrives on is aspirations.

    Bill Gibron — PopMatters

  • ...a passable cinematic experiment that does reward the viewer's patience on a relatively consistent basis.

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • The image of its heroine standing in silhouette in a doorway, unsure of whether to cross over, is quite simply the most iconic horror image of the year.

    Sam Bathe — Fan The Fire

  • Hernandez certainly deserves kudos for making such a good-looking film for no money, but budget limitations are no excuse for sloppy, nonsensical writing.

    Alistair Harkness — Scotsman

  • [An] occasionally jolting but largely unconvincing Uruguayan horror flick...

    Philip French

  • The chief wonder of this horror, directed by Gustavo Hernandez, is that it was filmed with a digital camera in one single shot.

    Derek Malcolm — This is London

  • If you are a fan of atmosphere-led, low-budget horror in the vein of Paranormal Activity then this is a worthy watch.

    Henry Fitzherbert — Daily Express

  • Gustavo Hernandez's one-take Uruguayan horror is daring and technically well-executed, but its plot cliches creak like old floorboards.

    Kevin Harley — Total Film

  • There's no doubt about it: this is a smart, scary film and a technical tour de force with its own skin-crawling atmosphere of fear.

    Peter Bradshaw

  • A flawed but fascinating experiment.

    Matt Glasby — Little White Lies

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