The Solitude of Prime Numbers


Paolo Giordano ’s deeply touching debut novel immediately thrusts the reader into the lives of two individuals, at the moment when each of their young lives takes a sharp turn toward painful solitude: Alice has been crippled in a childhood skiing accident, Mattia is consumed by guilt after playing an unintended but key role in his twin sister’s disappearance. Upon meeting in their early teens, they develop a frequently uncomfortable yet enveloping friendship. What follows is a beautiful and affecting account of the ways in which seemingly inconsequential decisions reverberate so intensely as to change a life forever. Translated from Italian, this is a book about communication: in lacking a facility for self-expression, our stunted protagonists exist almost solely, and safely, in their own minds. Despite its heavy subject matter, it reads easily, due in part to the almost seamless translation. A quietly explosive ending completes the novel in just the fashion it was started, as an intimate psychological portrait of two “prime numbers”—together alone and alone together.

EXCLUSIVE: Mike Patton Talks ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’

Though The Solitude of Prime Numbers is not readily available in the States, as it has not been released theatrically or on DVD, the soundtrack for both the movie, and the book upon which it is based, will be available in stores and for download starting today, Tuesday, November 1st. It may seem odd that the soundtrack to a film that isn't slated for a US release would be something of interest, until you learn that it was scored by world renown musician and vocalist Mike Patton, who has decided to release the album as a stand-alone solo record; a companion piece to both the movie and Paolo Giordano's Italian novel upon which it is based.

This is Mike Patton's third time scoring a film project, coming after A Perfect Place in 2008 and Crank High Voltage in 2009. It is being hailed as a provocative, genre-defying work that is both beautifully orchestrated and quite a departure from Patton's previous works, of which there are many.

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Mike Patton Scores ‘The Solitude of Prime Numbers’

Mike Patton, moved by the Paolo Giordano novel The Solitude of Prime Numbers and having contributed music to the movie of the same name, has created a 16-track release that boasts some of the most contemplative and stirring music of his multi-faceted career with Mike Patton describing the release as a personal "sonic departure." The album, titled Music From The Film and Inspired By the Book The Solitude of Prime Numbers (La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi), has been set for a 11-1-11 release via Ipecac Recordings.

Where Mike Patton's projects (Fantômas, Mondo Cane, Tomahawk) often thrive on abrupt transitions and multi-layered instrumentation, The Solitude of Prime Numbers collection boasts a cinematic feel that allows instruments an individual voice, emphasizes isolated notes and subtly transitions from piece to piece, acutely capturing the introspective and reflective feel of the novel. The album's intricate packaging further conveys this dramatic and minimalistic approach, with a multi-panel digipak featuring a leaf cut out, embossed with a locking mechanism.

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