The Stepfather


Michael Harding (Penn Badgley) returns home from military school to find his mother (Sela Ward) happily in love and living with her new boyfriend, David (Dylan Walsh). As the two men get to know each other, Michael becomes more and more suspicious of the man who is always there with a helpful hand. Is he really the man of her dreams or could David be hiding a dark side?

EXCLUSIVE: Amber Heard Dishes on ‘The Stepfather’

Amber Heard is easily one of the hottest young actresses out there, in more ways than one. After gaining acclaim for smaller roles in studio films like Friday Night Lights and portraying a young Charlize Theron in North Country and, of course, her lead performance as the title character in the cult horror classic All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, the actress has continued to add to her repertoire. The actress has more recently appeared in such hits as Never Back Down, Pineapple Express and the horror-comedy sensation Zombieland, Heard returns to theaters this weekend with the horror remake The Stepfather, which arrives in theaters on October 16. I met her and spoke with her briefly during my set visit last year, but earlier today I had the chance to speak with Heard exclusively over the phone about the film, and here's what she had to say.

I was curious about how you first came to the part and how you were initially attracted to this film?

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‘The Stepfather’ Trailer Slashes It Up

The brand new trailer has arrived for the upcoming horror redo The Stepfather, which is set for release on October 16. Click below to check out the first trailer from this remake.

The Stepfather stars Dylan Walsh, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Adrianne Palicki, Amber Heard, Paige Turco, Braeden LeMasters, Skyler Samuels, Jon Tenney and will be released on October 16. CLICK HERE to take a look at our report from the set of the film last year.

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SET VISIT: Take a Stroll Through the World of ‘The Stepfather’

When I first strolled up to the Sony Pictures lot on Overland Ave. in Culver City, CA, I had to take in the sheer immensity of it. This was my first set visit and it was only my second time doing an in-person interview, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew it wouldn't be like that stupid Coke commercial you see before the trailers in the theater, with every street of the lot filming a vastly different movie. Walking through the lot on my way to Stage 23, for my set visit to The Stepfather, all I really saw were a few people with headsets on driving golf carts. When I got to Stage 23, everything I was told about these set visits happened in reverse.

I was told that you get introduced to everyone, the publicists and other journalists from other sites, and then they show you around the set for a little while and you watch them film a scene. Then they bring you in a room and start to usher in the talent, one by one, for a big roundtable interview for each interviewee. When I got there, I met everybody and maybe 5 minutes later we were all met by producer Mark Morgan and after everyone introduced themselves to him, the digital recorders were out and the red lights were on. Here's what he had to say about The Stepfather.

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Jon Tenney and Amber Heard Join ‘The Stepfather’ Remake

Jon Tenney and Amber Heard have joined the cast of Screen Gems' The Stepfather, a remake of the 1987 horror thriller being produced by Maverick Films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tenney will play a father trying to reconnect and protect his teenage son, played by Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl). Heard plays Badgley's girlfriend. Friday Night Lights actress Adrianne Palicki was in negotiations for Heard's part, but the dates did not work out, according to her reps.

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Dylan Walsh Is ‘The Stepfather’

Nip/Tuck's Dylan Walsh will star in the remake of the 1987 thriller The Stepfather. According to Variety, Sela Ward and Penn Badgley will round out the family tree, with Adrianne Palicki also in negotiations to join the horror project.

The film is a Hitchcockian-style suspense yarn that revolves around a teenage boy's relationship with his psychotic stepfather. Things take a turn for the worse when the boy (Badgley) discovers that his new dad may have killed his previous family. Ward will star as the mom, while Palicki will play Badgley's girlfriend.

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