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The plot begins in Los Angeles 2029 AD. The world was ravaged by nuclear holocaust and the surviving humans are fighting desperate war against sentient machines. >From this world two time travellers arrive to Los Angeles in 1984. The first one is Terminator (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger), human looking but deadly and seemingly indestructible cyborg. His mission is to kill Sarah Connor (played by Linda Hamilton), future mother of John Connor, charismatic leader of human resistance. Another time traveller is Kyle Reese (played by Michael Biehn), Connor's soldier from the future, and his mission is to protect the mother of his commander. When he finds Sarah Connor, she doesn't believe his story, but all her suspicions are swept away when the unstoppable, remorseless and invulnerable killer starts chasing them across streets of Los Angeles.

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Terminator Re-Release Trailer: Back in Theaters This JuneTerminator Re-Release Trailer: Back in Theaters This June
James Cameron's seminal sci-fi thriller The Terminator returns to cinemas worldwide just in time for Terminator Genisys.
Terminator Screening Will Reunite Schwarzenegger and CameronTerminator Screening Will Reunite Schwarzenegger and Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd will celebrate the 30th Anniversary of The Terminator with an L.A. screening.
Arnold Schwarzenegger May Voice Animated Terminator 3000 Feature Film
A concept art title treatment for this animated feature has been revealed; the film will look like James Cameron's Avatar.
Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back as The Terminator!
Justin Lin will direct this latest edition of the long running franchise in an all-new Terminator movie!
Arnold Schwarzenegger Considering Terminator, Predator, and The Running Man Remakes
The ex-Governor of California is also prepping an original comic book character that he will announce this spring.
Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Be Back as The Terminator?
Universal Pictures is looking to pair director Justin Lin with writer Chris Morgan for a fifth Terminator installment.
Terminator 3000 Halted by Cease and Desist Order
Pacificor, which holds the rights to the franchise, wants to stop the proposed 3D animated film.
Pacificor Buys Terminator Rights
Halcyon Holding Corp. made out with a cool $29.5 million.
Sony Wants The Terminator Franchise
The studio is going up against Lionsgate for the rights to this property.
Lionsgate Could Secure The Terminator Franchise
The studio currently has an offer in excess of $15 million on the table.
The Terminator to Be Added to National Film Registry
In Cold Blood and Deliverance among the other 25 films added.
First Look at The Sarah Connor Chronicles Series Trailer and Premiere Episode Clips!
Watch video from The Terminator saga coming to the small-screen on FOX in the Spring of 2008.
For those little things that make you say AWWW...HELL No!
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