The Transporter


A former U.S. Special Forces soldier-turned-mercenary hires himself out as a delivery man � any package, no questions asked. Things are complicated on his latest assignment when he breaks the first rule of the delivery service: don't open the package. The "package" turns out to contain the kidnapped daughter of a lethal Chinese cook who's smuggling his fellow countrymen into France.

‘The Transporter’ TV Series Heads to Cinemax

Director/writer/producer Luc Besson has teamed up with Cinemax to bring his popular franchise The Transporter to the small screen. The pay cable channel has commited to twelve episodes of this new action series, which will be produced by French company Atlantique and executive produced by Luc Besson.

Each hour-long episode will center on professional courier Frank Martin, a role originated by Jason Statham and carried through the course of three big screen entries. This driver of dangerous goods will continue to rely on 3 personal rules as he traverses a seedy underground network of crime: Never change the deal, no names and never open the package.

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CONTEST: Win ‘The Transporter’ Special Edition DVDs and UMDs!

Transporter ContestTimed to keep pace with The Transporter 2's theatrical release, Fox Home Entertainment delivers the goods with The Transporter Special Delivery Edition, which has arrived as a fully-loaded special edition on DVD and UMD.

In celebration of getting our hands on this new release, Fox Home Entertainment and MovieWeb are giving you a chance to take hom the DVD version or UMD version of the film right now!

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