The Upside of Anger


Kevin Costner, Joan Allen, Erika Christensen, Evan Rachel Wood, Keri Russell and Alicia Witt headline a stellar ensemble cast in the critically acclaimed Sundance festival hit The Upside of Anger. Allen stars as the sharp-witted Terry Wolfmeyer, a suburban wife and mother who is left to raise her four headstrong daughters when her husband unexpectedly disappears. Things get even more hectic when Terry falls for her neighbor Denny (Costner), a once-great baseball star turned radio DJ, and her daughters are forced to juggle their mom's romantic dilemmas as well as their own.

Joan Allen talks about ‘The Upside of Anger’ and ‘Off the Map’

Joan Allen has been a stalwart of great acting in Hollywood for twenty years. She may not be instantly recognizable, but has honed her talents in such memorable films as Manhunter, Face Off, Pleasantville, and The Contender; which earned her an Oscar nomination. Joan has two very different films coming out on March 11th. She stars alongside Sam Elliot and Valentina de Angelis in Campbell Scotts "Off the Map", a quirky low-budget film about a family living in the New Mexico desert. "The Upside of Anger" is a much bigger studio film about an angry woman, her four daughters, and her ardent suitor. The film is the latest work from Mike Binder, known for his HBO comedy series "The Mind of the Married Man", and a welcome return to form for Kevin Costner. Joan is excellent in both films. Hopefully one will not detract from the other. It's a strange marketing decision to release both films on the same day, but studio heads are much smarter than everybody else.

You play a very different type of character in Off the Map. Arlene is very earthy, almost a hippie. What attracted you to this role?

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The Women of ‘The Upside of Anger’

Join the women of The Upside of Anger in theaters.

The Upside of Anger was released March 11th, 2005.

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