The Wave Reviews

  • "The Wave" feels overdetermined and ploddingly dramatized.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • Seductive and horrifying at the same time...The film opens with a rush of energy and doesn't let up.

    James Greenberg — Hollywood Reporter

  • The inclusion of an engrossing (yet expected) finale ensures that The Wave ends on an exceedingly positive note...

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • The Wave is top-heavy and light-footed, racing its winning idea-that fascism can still be attractive to some, even in modern Germany-past itself.

    Kalvin Henely — Slant Magazine

  • The Wave forces a confrontation with the seductive potential in all of us to abuse and be abused by the exercise of singular power in the name of good.

    Leslie Stonebraker — New York Press

  • Brilliantly written and directed, wonderfully performed by an ensemble cast, and haunting in its intensity

    Andrew L. Urban — Urban Cinefile

  • Here is the winner of this week's No Shit Sherlock award: a prime example of the kind of film dead set on telling you what you know already.

    Peter Bradshaw

  • It's an interesting and provocative idea somewhat marred by wretched performances from several of the kids and the same whiff of sanctimony and naivety that made The Edukators, another tiresomely right-on film from Germany, such a trial.

    Wendy Ide — Times [UK]

  • An intriguing premise, well performed by the actors and engagingly directed by Gansel, suffers from a script that tries to pack too much into a single week and an ending that feels forced and didactic.

    Jamie McLeish — Film4

  • Still, the quicksilver editing and thumping score mean it's zippily put together, and an undeniable willingness to engage with a youthful audience is admirably inclusive.

    Trevor Johnston — Time Out

  • A fascinating notion, convincingly realised.

    Rosamund Witcher — Empire Magazine

  • It's a strong film but in the end a rather obvious one.

    Derek Malcolm — This is London

  • Thought-provoking stuff.

    David Edwards — Daily Mirror [UK]

  • A seductive, button-nudging probe of pack-frenzy mentality. Some credibility's lost in the rush to combustion point, but the brawny direction and convincing cast make this a gripping cautionary tale.

    Carmen Grey — Total Film

  • Nevertheless, as a disturbing indictment of the course that could be taken by disaffected youth, The Wave makes a big splash.

    Tim Evans — Sky Movies

  • As it bounds along with its pumping rock playlist, you start to realise that the movie is predictable and slightly scared, and that it doesn't really make sense.

    Tim Robey — Daily Telegraph

  • The film is persuasive that fascism can take root in any environment. Strong performances all the way.

    Victor Olliver — Teletext

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