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In a remake of the 1973 British horror thriller of the same name, Nicolas Cage plays a reclusive sheriff who goes to search for his astranged daughter after she mysteriously disappears on a secluded island. When he arrives, he senses something more is amiss among the island's secretive residents as he starts to uncover a mystery involving strange sexual rituals, a harvest festival and possible human sacrifice.

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Warner Bros. Brings Out The Wicker Man on December 19
Anchor Bay releases a 2 disc version of the 1973 film that same day.
CONTEST: Win Huge from The Wicker Man!
We're giving away prizes from the new Nicholas Cage thriller!
Comic-Con 2006: The Wicker Man, Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, Superman Returns
Neil LaBute, Daniel Radcliffe and David Yates, Bryan Singer, and Richard Donner on the Warner Bros. panel.
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